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Elden Ring: Threat Emerging At Site Of Grace

Posted: Mar 17, 2023

Elden Ring has always been a dangerous game, with potential threats around every corner. Each cavern, catacomb, and tunnel has a large number of monsters waiting to jump out and attack the player at any time.

Veteran players of the genre look forward to the traps in the game, and they need to constantly check the dark corners and dark corridors for ambushes or monster threats during their adventures.

However, not all places are dangerous. Among them, Sites of Grace is a location that is completely free from enemy threats by almost all players. But until recently, when an Elden Ring player was attacked by a roaming enemy while resting in Sites of Grace, Sites of Grace seemed less safe.

Sites of Grace are equivalent to rest stops in Elden Ring. Its specific function is actually very similar to the bonfires in Dark Souls series.

Not only can players rest assured of recuperating at Sites of Grace, but players can refill their Flask of Crimson or Cerulean Tears here to restore their health. There’s just a downside to doing this. They reset all enemies in Lands Between at the same time they restore their health worth.

Players at Sites of Grace can upgrade equipment, practice spells, organize their treasure chest warehouse, and pass the time. You can also talk to well-known NPCs such as Melina and Ranni here to learn about the history of Elden Ring. You can save files here when they find Sites of Grace. If there is a dangerous death here, it can resurrect directly the player at the last visited location.

Elden Ring Sites of Grace Locations

Here’s an Elden Ring player called Odd-Flow-7330 who posted a video on Reddit showing the threat he encountered in what he calls the safest place, Sites of Grace.

While they were resting at Sites of Grace, something suddenly hit them. And the monster flew into the distance so fast that the player didn’t even see the enemy attacking him clearly. After they stand up and look around, the player finds a Mad Pumpkin Head enemy, which is most likely the monster that just attacked.

This discovery shocked players. Because, players usually consider Sites of Grace to be the safest place, but it is quite different from the current situation.

Word of the incident quickly spread throughout Elden Ring community, with many players panicking and wondering how it happened in the first place.

The irony of the whole incident is that the player was wearing the same helmet as Mad Pumpkin Head enemy before being attacked, but was still attacked. Known for its quick attacks, Mad Pumpkin Head enemy can be a dangerous presence, even in a safe place.

Many players felt that this was just an accident or a bug in Elden Ring. However, there are still some players who think that the developer deliberately set this. While Elden Ring community continues to investigate this matter, we recommend that players remain vigilant at all times in the game, even in Sites of Grace.

You can upgrade your equipment and improve your defense by obtaining enough Elden Ring Runes, so you don’t have to be afraid even if you encounter threats. Plus, you can use the code “CSCCA” here to get 5% off. Hope you enjoy the game.


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