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Elden Ring: Players’ Surprise Discovery For Black Knife Assassin

Posted: Mar 18, 2023

Black Knife Assassin is one of the representative characters in Elden Ring. Black Knife Assassin was an organization that assassinated Godwyn Golden, and they were also the first organization to kill a demigod in Elden Ring, shattering the legend of Elden Ring.

Black Knife Assassin is one of the most special existences in Elden Ring, and it is also of decisive significance to the ancient history and legends in Elden Ring.

However, a clever Elden Ring player has recently figured out the most effective way to avoid encountering a Black Knife Assassin and go head-to-head.

Black Knife Assassin An enemy with special abilities in Elden Ring. Mainly because they can be completely invisible when fighting the player. This also makes it very difficult for the player to find and attack Black Knife Assassin, and it is also easy for the player to be attacked from behind by the enemy.

Black Knife Assassin bosses

But players are not completely helpless. Players can try to find the enemy’s footsteps during the battle, so they can find out where this Black Knife Assassin is. This strategy will be especially effective when fighting in the snowy scenes in Elden Ring.

Another strategy is for the player to get a Sentry Torch, which allows the player to see the invisible Black Knife Assassin even in normal scenarios. Players can often take advantage of these simple strategies to keep the fight fair.

Recently, an Elden Ring player named falconrider111 posted a video on Reddit. Instead of fighting that Black Knife Assassin head-on, he used a new method that allowed him to escape from Black Knife Assassin without using any specific equipment.

In the beginning, the player wants to complete the puzzle at Ordina Liturgical Town. Players need to find and light a series of candles in order to successfully complete the puzzle. However, during the decryption process, the player encountered the invisible Black Knife Assassin.

In order to avoid a head-on conflict with this Black Knife Assassin, the player chooses to climb the nearby ladder. At this time, it surprised falconrider111 to find that Black Knife Assassin couldn’t climb the ladder.

How to Find and Defeat Black Knife Assassin

Although this is a small thing, it is a very significant discovery. Players will always have a headache when they encounter Black Knife Assassin in Elden Ring. Especially when trying to solve another task, there is no way to do both.

Finding this way to avoid a direct confrontation with this Black Knife Assassin will often greatly reduce the pressure on the player during the exploration process.

Ordina, Liturgical Town is an important part of Elden Ring. Players can enter Miquella’s Haligtree after solving the puzzle. This is also one of the most mysterious areas in Lands Between. You’ll also find that the location’s boss, Malenia, is also one of the most powerful enemies you’ll encounter in Elden Ring.

If you want to challenge Black Knife Assassin or other powerful bosses, don’t forget to prepare Sentry Torch equipment, which will greatly help your battle. You can try to get enough Elden Ring Runes to redeem. At the same time, you can also use the code “CSCCA” to help you get 5% off. Come and try it out.


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