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Elden Ring: Rykard In A NES Pixel Art Style

Posted: Feb 13, 2023

Posted: Feb 13, 2023

Source:  IGGM

As Lord of Blasphemy, Rykard was reimagined in an 8-bit NES style by an Elden Ring fan. In Elden Ring, Rykard is an optional boss. Rykard, Radahn, Ranni, the three of them are brothers. The first time you meet Rykard, you'll discover he's a God-Devouring Serpent.

Rykard's image is sure to impress you. Despite his human face, he is a giant snake that will scare you. Usually he likes to eat very much, because this is how he gains strength. In Elden Ring, there are many boss designs that can make you feel horrible or even uncomfortable. However, Rykard differs completely from these bosses, and he can bring you a completely different experience. After you defeat Rykard, instead of completely disappearing, a portion of Rykard's body will remain. Next, you can find his follower Tanith and try to eat him in order to gain his power. After all that, you'll find that even if you eventually beat him, it's a grotesque and visceral experience. While Elden Ring has a lot of tone and theme, those scenes feel downright terrifying rather than being themed to a broader epic fantasy.

Elden Ring Rykard NES Pixel Art Style

Reddit user Praetor64 has rendered Lord of Blasphemy in an NES style, arguing that a Metroid or Castlevania title fits Rykard's look very well. Although Rykard appears to be a very terrifying creature, Rykard's goal is to become so powerful that he can “eat the gods”. Given Rykard's lofty goals, it's understandable to some extent that he's scary. In Rykard's nature, he was truly terrifying. But please don't forget one thing, the previous Rykard was actually a human being, and he also had a daughter. Besides that, there's one more thing that makes you rejoice that Rykard's daughter might be happy in the end. This, in Elden Ring, I haven't seen very often.

Elsewhere in the fan art realm, an Elden Ring fan has redesigned Elden Ring bosses in a Cuphead style. Although that style of Rykard looks very interesting, because of the clarity and color palette of the Nintendo Entertainment System, it will be somewhat limited, so it can also bring a different texture to the art. This texture goes really well with the Rykard's atmosphere. In response, there have been many fan posts, hoping that Reddit user Praetor64 will continue to portray other bosses.

You must be delighted that such attractive art has been carried over to the rest of the Elden Ring cast. However, for grotesque characters, I think this art style suits them better. If Praetor64 is going to continue to portray the Elden Ring characters in this style, I think it would be a good idea to start with Rykard's siblings. At the beginning, we mentioned Rykard has two brothers, Ranni the Witch and Starscourge Radahn. An Elden Ring fan reunites Rykard and his siblings with art. However, because Rykard is so scary, the picture is a bit scary. All three characters are powerful in the lore of Elden Ring, and Ranni plays a large role in the plot. However, the mystery and horror that Rykard himself exudes is the perfect theme for this art style.

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