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Elden Ring: How To Unlock Age Of Stars Ending With Ranni

Posted: Feb 10, 2023

Posted: Feb 10, 2023

Source:  IGGM

As FromSoftware's massive role-playing game, Elden Ring has 6 different endings, each with its own esoteric proportions. For the Age of Fracture ending, you just need to beat the game. However, in order to unlock other endings like Blessing of Despair or Age of Duskborn, you need to follow those somewhat hard steps to get the runes that unlock them. However, none of the six endings are as complicated and ambiguous as the Age of Stars ending. Apart from this, PC Gamer also noticed that more Steam players have already unlocked the ending than the standard ending, which is strange.

Elden Ring Ranni

For the Age of Stars ending, you need to get yourself fully involved. If you want to earn the Age of Stars "secret" achievement, here's how to do it. You will need to prove your commitment to Ranni, the petite winter witch, and she will reward you with one of her four hands in a holy marriage. Alternatively, you can have her complete the game with you.

But you know something about women. First, you'll need to cross several treacherous swamps, including Siofra River Well. Then it's up to you to defeat the crazed Starscourge Radahn in Wailing Dunes. Go find a suitable person like Blaidd the Half-Wolf and talk to him. Next, you need to follow their directions to get there. Remember, the order must be correct, and there must be no mistakes. And it's like having to make sure he doesn't have a 4chan account before I can commit to my League of Legends boyfriend.

If you choose to leave Ranni's questline, you'll find it a lot easier than sticking with it. After my League of Legends boyfriend fulfilled Ranni's request, I triggered the fiery Age of Chaos ending out of curiosity, which resulted in my League of Legends boyfriend being kicked out of Ranni's route. At the same time, I also encouraged him to open the very mysterious door, but we felt that it was too evil. I'm really sorry, you know omething about women!

To punish myself, I got bored of it before reaching the destination. So, I kicked myself out of this path. As for the quest-mandatory boss Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, I didn't have the heart to beat him. Although he looked a bit scary, like a mosquito, I couldn't blame him for that.

Despite Ranni's fickleness, many Elden Ring players don't seem to be intimidated by her, especially those who have played on Steam.

PC Gamer writes, "The ending unlocked via Ranni's questline resulted in 25.9% of players earning the Age of Stars achievement. And those default ending achievements resulted in 9.6% of players earning the Elden Lord achievement. Clearly, there are some warnings just for Steam players, but mostly for players who played twice and got two achievements."

After using TrueAchievements, looking at PC and Xbox achievements, we found that the number of people who ended up reaching the default ending of the game was slightly more than the Age of Stars achievement. But it's worth noting Steam stats for Age of Stars. That stat presumably means that if I'm going to turn my skin into Ranni's ethereal blue, I'll need to sit in a vat of macerated blueberries for a while. It is the existence of Violet Beauregarde that makes it an RPG.

Note: everyone can also use the code "CSCCA" to get 5% off when you get Elden Ring Runes or Items here.


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