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Elden Ring: Best Faith & Intelligence Build In Patch 1.09.1 - The Spellborne

Posted: May 18, 2023

Today, I will give you a formidable character build in Elden Ring, which is called Spellborne.

The Gear

Let’s start with a more in-depth look at the gear and setup, so we can rack anything and everything.

Elden Ring Best Faith & Intelligence Build In Patch 1.09.1 - The Spellborne


Our weapon of choice is the Sword of Knight and Flame +10 with its awesome weapon arts: Comet Azur and Flame Burst. We also have a Golden Order Seal +10 and a Prince of Death’s Staff +25 in our left hand for Incantations and Sorceries. If your weapon level isn’t enough, you can use Elden Ring Runes for quick upgrades!

You can find the Sword of Knight and Flame in Caria Manor. The Golden Order Seal can be found on a corpse next to the Minor Erdtree Church, Sites of Grace in Leyndell Royal Capital. The Prince of Death’s Staff can be found from the nameless Eternal City, Sites of Grace in Deeproot Depths. Head east and you’ll see a root ramp and a series of rooftops forming a ramp. Go up either one and at the first intersection drop down to the left and continue upwards. The branch will turn left and lead up to the top of a tower. The Prince of Death’s Staff is in this Tower.

Elden Ring Sword of Knight and Flame

Armor & Talismans

For armors and Talismans, we have the Spellblade’s sets, which are giving us a boost to the Sword of Knight and Flame’s Comet Azur. Each piece is giving us a two percent boost. The Spellblade Set is dropped by Sorcerer Rogier.

As for our Talismans, we have Flock’s Canvas Talisman, raising the potency of our incantations by 8%. Flock’s Canvas Talisman can be received by Gowry when he’s crying over Millicent.

We have the Godfrey Icon, which raises the attack power of charge spells and skills by 15%. The Godfrey Icon drops from Godefroy the Grafted found in the Golden Lineage Evergaol.

Elden Ring Godfrey Icon

Next, we have the Shard of Alexander, boosting the skills of the Sword of Knight and Flame. You can get the Shard of Alexander from Iron Fist Alexander when beating him at the end of his quest line in Crumbling Farum Azula.

Then, we have the Graven-Mass Talisman, which is increasing our sorceries by 8%. The Graven-Mass Talisman can be found in a chest atop Albinauric Rise in the east of the consecrated snow fields.

From these Talismans, we are focusing on boosting the skills on the Sword of Knight and Flame and our Sorceries and incantations include any we may charge up.

Flask Of Wondrous Physick

In the Flask of Wondrous Physick, we have the Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear, which is boosting our Sorceries and stacks with Terra Magica, which we will be using this has only been nerfed in PVP not PVE. Then, we have the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear, which are boosting our fire attacks, which we’ll use for our incantations. Again, this has only been nerfed in PVP not PVE.

The Magic-Shrouding character is dropped by the Erdtree Avatar in northeastern Liurnia of the Lakes and east of the Walking Mausoleum Compound, Sites of Grace. And the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tears dropped by the Putrid Avatar found at the Minor Erdtree in Caelid, east of the Smoldering Church. This brings us nicely to our spells.

Elden Ring Terra Magica

So, we have two loadouts for our spells. Our Sorceries are Terra Magica, boosting our sorcery damage; Renala’s Full Moon, lowering our enemy’s magic defense; Comet for nice ranged and chargeable magic attacks; and Shard Spiral for charged ranged and tracking magical attacks.


Our incantations are Flame, Grant Me Strength, which will boost physical and fire attacks, Giantsflame Take Thee and Burn, O Flame!. Of course, we have Golden Vow, which straddles both approaches which we can look at when we cover combats.

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Stat Spread

First, let’s have a look at the stats for the builds. I started with the Astrologer class. We have Vigor at 60, Mind at 36, Endurance at 10, Strength at 12 and Dexterity at 12. These allow us to wield Sword of Knight and Flame.

We have Intelligence at 70, Faith at 70. With these two this high, we get the best scaling from the Prince of Death’s Staff and we have Arcane at 9. This breaks the mold and gives us a nice Rune Level of 200.

Elden Ring Stat Spread


Then, let’s talk combats.

If we start with our Sorceries first, we can start with Golden Vow and the Flask of Wondrous Physick. If you can start with Terra Magica to boost your magic spells and then let off a Renala’s Full Moon. Whilst that’s on its way, you can charge up and release Comet or Shard Spiral. Shard Spiral is handy for enemies that dodge as it will track them.

Renala’s Full Moon will lower enemies’ magic defense prior to casting your spells. This loadout is good for overall bosses that allow you to start the fight before angering them as you can stand in Terra Magica for longer and snipe away.

With our incantations then, again start with Golden Vow and the Flask of Wondrous Physick. But instead of Terra Magica, we can now use Flame, Grant Me Strength to boost our incantations. Then, you can toss Giantsflame Take Thee for mobbing or use Burn O Flame! for bigger bosses that can be hit by its multiple streams.

Remember, we have the Sword of Knight and Flame and we use either of its special attacks, depending on what we are fighting. Comet Azur is great for a quick melt when using Sorceries and Flame Burst actually has a nice bit of range and a good Arc for catching enemies’ mid attack.


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