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Elden Ring: How To Get To The Warmaster's Shack?

Posted: Mar 04, 2022

In Elden Ring, finding this Warmaster's Shack is a priority as it is a very important location that allows you to access a key game mechanic - Ashes of War. Based on this, IGGM will tell you how to find this Warmaster's Shack and what can you do inside.

How to get to the Warmaster's Shack?

Warmaster's Shack is located in Stormhill, northwest of Limgrave, it's just north of the Stormgate, and you'll need to cross to enter Stormhill. Check the image below for its exact location. It's almost a standing object that’s missing its whole front wall.

What to do in Warmaster's Shack?

Find Warmaster's Shack, then you'll find Knight Bernahl, which grants you the ability to use Ashes of War. He will also serve as Ash of War merchant, and you can buy various Ashes from him. To buy more in-game items, you need to have plenty of Elden Ring Runes. You'll see him again at Volcano Manor later on, where helping him with some invasions will net you the Raging Wolf set.

If you visit Warmaster's Shack at night, you'll see a hidden mini-boss - the Bell Bearing Hunter. When you go to the Shack and use the site of grace there, the Bell Bearing Hunter will appear, note, he will only appear at night. He will replace the merchant and you need to fight him. Kill him and you'll get some Runes and a Bone Peddler's Bell Bearing. That doesn't mean this Knight Bernahl is dead, he'll be there the next time you go to the shack during the day.

While exploring the Elden Ring, you'll need to learn how to use Ashes of War, how to use two-handed weapons, or use magic spells during your adventures.


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