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Elden Ring: How To Deal With Malenia's Waterfowl Dance

Posted: Feb 28, 2023

An Elden Ring player has made a helpful video that shows you some ways to safely dodge one of the most menacing moves in the game. However, some caveats don't guarantee Tarnished survival. Since this is a challenge from Elden Ring, it's no surprise.

In FromSoftware's extensive catalog, Blade of Miquella's Waterfowl Dance is the most notorious, and there is simply no boss' attack that can match it. And it's Malenia's critical strike, which you'll feel in every fight you have with her. If you search Waterfowl Dance on Google, you'll find dozens of articles and videos either criticizing its existence or explaining what to do about it. Even so, Malenia must be defeated if you want to get every shard of Elden Ring. Fortunately, some Tarnished will always do their best to help you.

How To Dodge Waterfowl Dance

Elden Ring MaleniaOn Reddit, user Accomplished_Pie_259 posted a video showing you how to dodge Waterfowl Dance at a close range. This method is considered by many to be a death sentence if you are someone without bulky armor or a healthy Vigor. First, Malenia will jump into the air. She will hover in the air for a few seconds before attacking you. Then, during this time, you should go a little to the left until you can see her back. Then, her sword swings downward, at which point Tarnished needs to roll through her attack, getting them away from the initial whirlwind and into a safe position.

Afterwards, to make sure that Malenia's attack doesn't hit you, you need to immediately roll back once. However, you're also ready for the next two subsequent parts of Waterfowl Dance. In order to keep you from taking that damage, and successfully deal with Malenia's penultimate hit and dodge the last burst that sees her reposition, you'll need to roll back again. In motion, evasive maneuvers seem memorable and easy to perform. However, some caveats indicate that this is not a completely error-free method.


Elden Ring Waterfowl Dance

First of all, this method is only suitable for a Light Load. This means that your equipment cannot weigh more than 30% of its maximum capacity. The status of Tarnished will also affect the dodge function. Whether it is in Light, Medium, Heavy or Overloaded status, it will finally change the distance you can move and the number of frames of invincibility. If you're the guy with a Medium Load, it's going to be tough getting the space you need between yourself and Malenia. So, the distance covered is related to Waterfowl Dance. Second, the technology on display is difficult to watch directly. And, for the better part of a year, you know the easier ways to deal with Waterfowl Dance, like you can use specific shields with the Barricade Shield Ash of War or throw a Freezing Pot into the air to stagger her out of air.

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