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Elden Ring: Evil Version Of Albert Einstein

Posted: Feb 14, 2023

A fan of FromSoftware's Elden Ring came up with a different version of Albert Einstein while designing some new characters for the popular game. This version of Albert Einstein is an ultimate mad scientist, evil and impressive. As you continue to explore those sometimes crazy original characters and the expansive world of RPG's Lands Between, a recent update to the game hinted at one thing: the long-heard Elden Ring DLC might come soon.

Released in early 2022, FromSoftware's Elden Ring reimagined the open-world of the Soulslike genre it helped establish, and the open-world was attractive at the time. As one of the world's best-selling games in 2022 and the winner of many Game of the Year awards, Elden Ring has its own unique charm. It has satisfying combat and beautiful, stark settings that will appeal to many fans of the developer's iconic Dark Souls series as well as those new to the genre. In addition, you can use Elden Ring Runes to get the equipment you need and help you level up. It's been almost a year since the hit game's release, and later this month, FromSoftware will be live streaming the Elden Ring anniversary event from Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Stockholm.

Elden Ring Albert Einstein

A new post on r/Eldenring subreddit gives you an interesting example of how powerful the character creators in Elden Ring can be. User Volkornbrot_ once shared a screenshot of Albert Einstein, the famous scientist they designed for the game, and it was an evil version. They kept the famous theoretical physicist's signature mustache and wild hair, but made some changes to the rest of the face. The evil version of Albert Einstein looks menacing with glowing red eyes, ready to take on the most fearsome enemy in the game. You'll be able to successfully put everyone from God of War's Kratos to Breaking Bad's Walter White in Elden Ring, thanks to the full-featured character creation system in FromSoftware's action RPG.

Elden Ring Evil Albert Einstein

Although some reviewers think this Einstein is not like a famous scientist, but like two of the most iconic villains in Elden Ring. Some commenters think it has some shocking resemblance to Mega Man foe Dr. Wily, while others joke, "If you change your hairstyle a bit too, you can have Dr. Robotnik too." Still, some Redditors who respond to the post said they like the evil version of Einstein. Some Redditors are still thinking which mobile set is more conducive to Volkornbrot_'s amazing creation. In some helpful replies below the post, a Redditor thinks the Gravity Sorcery build should be fine.

Elden Ring's ability to create a truly unique custom character should be a big draw of the game for you. After all, the evil yet funny Albert Einstein wouldn't be all that important if he wasn't unique. Although this custom character may not have time to think the mysterious and vast universe because of his frequent battles with demigods, this sinister scientist may be able to figure out some physics for you, like why the strange Elden Ring glitch makes you fall down at a ridiculous speed.


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