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Elden Ring: These New Ranged Weapons Can Help You Win Faster In Shadow Of The Erdtree!

Posted: Jul 01, 2024

In Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, besides providing players with a new area, some new bosses, and some new armor, some ranged weapons have been added, including bows, crossbows, and Repeating Crossbow, which allow you to defeat enemies without getting in close contact in combat.

Among the new ranged weapons in DLC, there are bows with high damage and great scaling, and some of them can fire multiple arrows after a single reload. In addition, there are some Talismans that are more effective when used with some of them. Here are the new ranged weapons added to Shadow of the Erdtree.

Elden Ring: These New Ranged Weapons Can Help You Win Faster In Shadow Of The Erdtree!

Repeating Crossbow

  • Status Requirements: 13 Strength & 15 Dexterity
  • Max Damage (+10): 259 For Physical

Repeating Crossbow does exactly what it says, firing multiple arrows in rapid succession when using Repeating Fire skill, which means it can deal continuous damage to enemies.

Like the other Crossbows in Elden Ring, it doesn’t follow any of your stats, but if you feed it enough Somber Smith Stone, it can go from a backup weapon to your major weapon.

Want to know where this powerful weapon is? You need to go to Site of Grace south of Moorth Highway and then walk north. Here you can find Repeating Crossbow next to Ghostflame Dragon and some Elden Ring Runes.

Igon’s Greatbow

  • Status Requirements: 23 Strength & 16 Dexterity
  • Max Scaling (+25): C Strength & E Dexterity
  • Max Damage (+10): 294 For Physical

If you want to use your Strength build to fight the enemy, Igon’s Greatbow will be your best choice. Not only because of its excellent scaling and high base damage but also because it has Igon’s Drake Hunt, a wonderful skill in the game.

In this weapon, because it is an advanced version of Through and Through, you can twist the bowstring to increase its power. In addition, you can also match it with Igon’s Harpoons to get the maximum damage to the enemy.

Unlike Repeating Crossbow, Igon’s Greatbow only needs Smith Stones to upgrade, so the upgrade conditions of this weapon are simpler.

Since it is Igon’s Greatbow, you must summon Igon. However, you don’t summon it to fight it, but to let it help you defeat Bayle The Dread, a dragon entrenched in Jagged Peak. After you win, Igon will leave its bow and armor to you.

Spread Crossbow

  • Status Requirements: 11 Strength & 17 Dexterity
  • Max Damage (+25): 272 For Physical

Spread Crossbow provides you with the easiest way to counter the various status effects generated by the boss. This is because the most basic attack of Tarnished is to fire multiple arrows at once, and can make the boss suffer sleep or blood loss effects depending on the type of arrows.

Its skill, Kick is not surprising, but fortunately its upgrade material is also Smith Stones that can be found everywhere, which can make it slightly more useful. However, you still need to be careful that you need to have enough arrows equipped, because Spread Crossbow will consume arrows very quickly.

Elden Ring Spread Crossbow

Spread Crossbow is guarded by Messmer Soldiers on the right side of Ellac Greatbridge. You need to cross the bridge (or river) and defeat them to obtain this weapon.

Ansbach’s Longbow

  • Status Requirements: 9 Strength & 43 Dexterity
  • Max Scaling (+10): D Strength & D Dexterity
  • Max Damage (+10): 181 For Physical

Thanks to its ability, Fan Shot, Ansbach’s Longbow is one of the best Longbows in the game. It can fire 8 arrows at once, and with some stats, even the biggest bosses will be affected by bleeding or rot.

Although it may seem that this weapon requires very little Strength, don’t forget that you need to reach 43 Dexterity to use it. Check your Dexterity now!

Like Repeating Crossbow, as long as you use enough Somber Smith Stones, you can get a better chance of winning in battle.

Before you can get Ansbach’s Longbow, you need to make sure you have completed Ansbach’s quest in Shadow Keep. Completion here means that it is possible to kill him directly or help him fight invaders.

Bone Bow

  • Status Requirements: 8 Strength & 11 Dexterity
  • Max Scaling (+10): D Strength & D Dexterity
  • Max Damage (+10): 161 For Physical

Although Bone Bow is not as outstanding in terms of damage compared to other weapons, it can stand out in Light Bow category with its own skill Rancor Shot. Light Bow allows players to fire a series of energy-infused arrows and is difficult to miss. In addition, its long range and lightweight are also plus points for it.

Somber Smith Stones mentioned above are also its upgrade materials. Remember to pick up more Somber Smith Stones during the exploration process.

The location of Bone Bow is in Belurat Tower Settlement you will see when you first enter DLC, or more specifically, in a tower with a broken spiral staircase. The process of taking it is not smooth sailing, but don’t worry, Spider-Scorpions inside are no match for you.

Hopefully, these ranged weapons will play an important role in your battles. Have fun playing Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree and exploring more stories!


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