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Elden Ring: Uncover The Secrets Of Twin Consumables In Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC - Iris Of Grace & Iris Of Occultation

Posted: Jul 05, 2024

Iris of Grace and Iris of Occultation are two twin consumables in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree that are easily overlooked and not very clear in-game for their purpose. However, these two Elden Ring Items can be collected as weapons or Spirit Ashes from one of two very powerful NPCs.

If you obtain the Irises, try not to use them yourself. You should turn one Iris in to Swordhand of Night Jolán and Fire Knight Queelign. Iris of Grace will give you a new Spirit Ashes, while Iris of Occultation will give you a new weapon.

If you are not sure which one to turn in, you can read this guide. This guide will go into detail about their locations and usages.

Elden Ring: Uncover The Secrets Of Twin Consumables In Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC - Iris Of Grace & Iris Of Occultation

Location Of Irises Of Grace

Both Iris of Grace can be found in Shadow Keep, which is also the dark castle where players fight Impaler Messmer in Elden Ring. Iris of Grace is tied to Spirit Ashes, so both Spirit Ashes unlocked by using it are higher level, and one of them unlocks Spirit Ashe for the entire game.

While you can only choose between Jolán or Queelign for Iris, you can find two copies of Iris. So don’t play favorites, and if you prefer Spirit Ashes over weapons, you can focus on two Irises of Grace instead of Irises of Occultation. You can hold up to 99 Iris of Grace, but can store up to 600 Iris of Grace.

Here are the locations of the two Irises of Grace:

  • Location #1: On The First Floor Of Warehouse

Take the elevator to the lower floor, defeat Flesh Pot Monster nearby, then collect Irises of Grace nearby.

  • Location #2: In Tree-Worship Sanctum

After draining Church district, you can find Iris of Grace next to Statue of Marika south of Scadutree Avatar boss fight in Elden Ring.

Location Of Irises Of Occultation

There are two Irises of Occultation at opposite ends of Scadu Altus. The first is in the basement of Fort of Reprimand, and the other is in Shadow Keep’s Church District. Before you head to Tree-Worship Sanctum Site of Grace to get the second Iris of Grace, you can stop by to find Shadow Keep Iris. Like Iris of Grace, you can hold up to 99 Irises of Occultation, but you can store up to 600 Irises of Occultation.

Here are the locations of the two Irises of Occultation:

  • Location #1: Church District Entrance

Once you’ve cleared Church District, take the elevator to Blessing Point at the entrance to Church District and defeat Cankered Tree Spirit. You will receive Iris of Occultation and some Elden Ring Runes as a reward.

  • Location #2: Fort Of Reprimand

Located at the southern end of Skadu Altas, it forms part of a secret route to this area if you want to skip Ensis Castle and its final boss battle with Twin Moon Knights, Lelana, at Graveyard Plains.

Go underground through the hole in the main arena and defeat the Lesser Omenkiller to get the Iris of Occultation.

Give Irises To Swordhand Of Night Jolán

Jolan is a knight in black armor and a spiked helmet who will be waiting for you between two cliffs in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree with a sword in hand. Swordhand of Night Jolán will appear during Count Ymir’s quest.

Ymir will ask you to ring three different Finger Ruins, which will culminate in a battle with Metyr, Mother of Fingers, Jolán herself, and then Count Ymir. When you talk to Jolán, you can give her either the Iris of Grace or Iris of Occultation.

Elden Ring Swordhand Of Night Jolán

If you give her Iris of Occultation, you will receive a Dexterity Katana, Sword of Night. Similarly, giving her Iris of Grace will give you Swordhand of Night Jolan Ash. This Ash is one of the very important necessities mentioned above in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

Give Irises To Fire Knight Queelign

Fire Knight Queelign is Marika’s knight. He is not so friendly and will try to kill you, but this is your best chance to get close to him. You can first encounter Queelign as an Invader in Tower Settlement in Belurat. After defeating him there, you will be rewarded with a Crusade Talisman.

Afterwards, he will prepare to ambush you in Church of Crusade. During this battle, Prayer Room Key and Ash of War can be dropped. After this, when you reach Shadow Keep and Church District, you will find the true body of Fire Knight Queelign in Prayer Room.

Elden Ring Fire Knight Queelign

After you give Iris of Grace to Fire Knight Queelign, he will give you Fire Knight Queelign Spirit Ash. This Spirit Ash is very aggressive and can cast fire spells. Similarly, after giving him Iris of Grace, he will drop Queelign’s Greatsword. Queelign’s Greatsword is a Heavy Thrusting Sword, and like Sword Lance, it is one of the lesser-known weapons in the game.

In Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, no matter which path you choose, you can enjoy exploring the Land of Shadow and get corresponding rewards. I wish you an auspicious time in DLC!


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