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Diablo 4: What Are Your Thoughts On Season 1 After You Played It? - My Personal Opinion

Posted: Jul 21, 2023

I've been playing season one for six hours straight, this is going to be my first impressions on so far, how I have felt about it. Couple things to keep in mind, I am playing Hardcore, and I am playing solo, and I am not min maxing in the build, I specifically don't really know anything about the minion build.

I want to do thorns and I want to do minion, and I want to try out the new Bloodlance Aspect, and try out the new Caged Hearts etc. so I'm kind of going into it from a fresh perspective, much like I did when the game actually originally launched now.

Diablo 4

Some Points That I Like

I'm going to say first of all, and I'll go into my reasons why. But this has been more fun in Season 1 than I expected, and you'll find some new Diablo 4 Items. It actually was quite enjoyable, the reason for this is, I don't know if this is just a Necromancer thing or not, but Caged Hearts, even the ones you get early actually feel pretty good, surprisingly good and I will give you one such example now.

So the new Hearts, I have do multiple things but one of the ones I have automatically cast whatever is on my Corpse bar. For instance, it actually counts Raise Skeleton as one and it counts Corpse Tendrils as one. What's amazing about this is, it has a completely separate cooldown and spam than the actual one I have.

Diablo 4 Raise Skeleton

You can see Corpse Tendrils is actually procking very often, the way this actually works, is it goes left to right. So if I have Corpse Tendrils here, and then I have Corpse Explosion here, it's actually going to do the one I want here first. Then it will do this one if this one is currently on cooldown. Raise Skeleton itself actually works with this too which is very surprising, so if I go here and I put in Decrepify lose all my minions, and then I put minions back right on the bar here.

Diablo 4 Corpse Tendrils

Now I have no minions but watch what happens it is actually a fairly intelligent Caged Heart, if you're wondering what's doing this it's this one right here, vicious heart walking near Corpses automatically activates an equipped Corpse Skill. So many this is a Summoning Skill, not just a Corpse Skill but it's smart enough to know, exactly that this is also should basically be a Corpse Skill.

Diablo 4 Caged Hearts

So watch what happens here? You kill it, it summons the minion and it jump starts to know that we should be doing Skeleton as the priority, so it's going to automatically summon my minions back. Now you might be thinking, this is nice, you don't have to spam this as well, but it actually gets kind of better. Because what I'm doing here is with my Skeleton Mages, each time a bones Mage dies, from its own attack, they leave behind Corpse and Fortify you.

So my bone Mages are killing themselves, leaving Corpse, automatically being re-summoned which Fortifies me again. I'm giving this additional tanky bit, which is actually really awesome. What's more hilarious about, this is when you have at least four enemies near, you gain an aura that automatically corpse surrounding enemies with Decrepify, get some Diablo 4 Gold with relative ease.

I have Decrepify, but I don't even need it on my bar, because it is automatically casting this when I'm surrounded by minions. Here's some minions, I'm going to jump off and get near them, and now you can see there's a bunch of minions around me, and now it's casting to Decrepify.

Diablo 4 Decrepify

The cool thing about this is, let's say I go ahead and decide I'm going to use Blood Mist right, let's get Blood Mist on the bar here, let's get Blood Mist on the bar there we go. When I use this, my cooldown actually starts going down as well from procking damage. The reason for this is if you look at my Decrepify, I have a spec where enemies hit while afflicted with Decrepify have a 15 chance to reduce your active cooldown.

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Some Points That I Hate

Now you might be thinking, okay that's kind of cool not too big of a deal. But then you have to remember that this actually has the automatic casting from things, like Corpse Explosion as well. If I am in a Blood Mist and I'm near it is still going to cast and explode Corpses, what this actually means for me? Is that once we have the the boots that makes it where the Blood Mist Explosion? I actually just lost my Hardcore character while trying to explain this to you, I changed my mind I hate this season.


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