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Diablo 4: The Best Leveling Guide To Chain Lightning Sorcerer Build In Season 1!

Posted: Jul 21, 2023

Currently, I’ve spent 200 hours leveling Diablo 4 Chain Lightning Sorcerer build. In order to have a fun and productive progression experience in Diablo 4, I’ve put together the following tips. This includes the 1-50 progression and the part after 50. So let’s get started!

First, we choose World Tier 2, because as long as we have 5 initial Skill Points, the monster will die quickly. If you haven’t unlocked them, I highly recommend you do so.

For Sorcerer build, I’ve optimized it for levels 1-50. I love how effortless it is to aim. Because Chain Lightning DPS auto-aiming and optimized synergy will give us infinite mana and good survivability.

Diablo 4: The Best Guide To Quickly Level Chain Lightning Sorcerer Build In Season 1

Build Progressions

So we start with Arc Lash for movement and Chain Lightning for DPS. Then unlock Teleport, Frost Nova and Flame Shield. And Lightning Spear can provide additional DPS and Crowd Control. Also, we need to further improve Frost Nova’s Vulnerable State and Teleport to reduce cooldown and improve survivability.

The first Enchantment Slot is about to become available. So we’re going to add skill points to Fireball and use it as the first Enchantment for quick group clears. Then we’re ready for Ultimate, where we can replace Flame Shield with Elemental Attunement before choosing Ultimate.

Diablo 4: Chain Lightning

Next, we need to choose to further synergize with Shock Skills. And get two Static Discharge Ranks, because we have a critical strike chance of Coursing Currents.

Now we come to Key Passive, we are going to make some changes. First, replace Arc Lash with Spark for 8% crit chance. Second replaces Chain Lightning Passive to generate Crackling Energy. Then further boost Crackling Energy synergy with Static Discharge, Invigorating Conduit and Precision Magic.

Then it’s time to unlock the second Enchantment Slot, and choose Firebolt and Devouring Blaze for further crit synergy. Extra note though that Devouring Blaze was nerfed in patch 1.1. But my build didn’t use Immobilize synergy, so it’s still fine.

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Next, we want to unlock defensive skills like Protection and Mana Shield. Monsters should now have more health and die less easily. Therefore, we can replace Fireball with Ice Blades as the first Enchantment and spawn new Conjuration Mastery.

There should be a good amount of Crackling Energy and Mana at the end, since we’re getting Elemental Dominance for further Chain Lightning damage.

Diablo 4: Sorcerer Season 1 Progression Guide

Lv1-50 XP Farm Tips

For level progression farming, repeating Temple of Rot is considered the fastest method by far. Since you don’t have to leave and restart the game to complete and reset, it saves you as much Diablo 4 Gold and time as possible. 

But I want to optimize the fun of playing the game. So my XP Farm approach is to find Tree of Whispers by exploring the world. And complete events and strongholds as you encounter them. This way is not optimal, but fun, simple and fast enough.

Another suggestion is that you can grab some Diablo 4 Items at Curiosity Vendor to increase your DPS. If you find that the excellent weapons haven’t dropped in a while, the progression becomes more difficult and you can adjust the difficulty to World Tier 1. So once you’re strong enough, you can pass Capstone Dungeon and get into World Tier 3.

Diablo 4: Lv1-50 XP Farm Tips

Lv50+ Build Tips

For Sorcerer Lv50+ builds, there was a big nerf in patch 1.1. Basically, all Sorcerer builds get hit hard, including my Chain Lightning Nuke build.

But the good news is that the main synergy I used in Chain Lightning Conjuration build remains the same. And it also takes advantage of the buffs from the 1.1 patch to be very efficient and fun.

After Lv50, survivability becomes more important. So you need to get all 4 defense stats on Chest and Pants. Statistics include:

  • Maximum Life Damage Reduction to Close & Distant
  • Burning Enemy Damage
  • Total Armor
  • Damage Reduction

Diablo 4: Chain Lightning Sorcerer Build Leveling Guide


That’s all for the tools and tips I need to use when upgrading my Chain Lightning Sorcerer build. I’ll be using them while working on Season 1 and hope they make your Diablo 4 experience fun and productive.

Diablo 4 patch 1.1 and Caged Heart in Season 1 have a lot of changes, and I can’t wait to test and share these insights. Hope you enjoy upgrading with this build and see you next time!


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