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Diablo 4: The Future Of This Game Is Worth Looking Forward To! - Job Postings Analysis

Posted: Jul 20, 2023

Today, I'd like to talk about the future of Diablo 4. Considering we saw some postings for jobs from Rod Fergusson, that looks like they're going to be spending a lot of time with Diablo 4 going into the future.

Diablo 4

Job Postings 

Usually when you see companies start posting jobs for a game, that was just released that's usually a good sign. Kind of saying that they're going to have a lot of content coming to the game in the future. There's a lot of different job postings, and we'll have them listed here, where they listed everything they're hiring for, so you can kind of see them on this article. 

Diablo 4 Jobs 1

Diablo 4 Jobs 2

You have things from producers, to game producers, to live operations, to the season producers, software Engineers, art design all that kind of stuff. So that really shows that Blizzard is really dedicated to Diablo 4. 

Now this was the fastest selling game that Blizzard has ever had. So Diablo 4 was the fastest selling game, out of every game that or everything that Blizzard has really done. That says a lot, it shows you how many people were interested in Diablo 4 kind of from the get-go, and of course those numbers came out fairly quickly that was like right during the early access to actual launch day phase, and players are happy to keep farming Diablo 4 Gold in the game.


They sold a lot of copies, even in early access, and with all these different jobs posting, or all the different jobs they have posted, it's showing that they're wanting to continue to work on the game

Diablo 4 Expansions

In general, they already said they already had the first couple seasons in the works, but this shows you they're already looking to probably start working on expansions, for yearly content, maybe a big expansion each year, and continue to work on seasons and seasonal content. 

So they're having to hire pretty much, everybody for everything that you could imagine that would work, within these or within what they're wanting to do, for these things. So it really looks like we could have some good things coming down the road for Diablo 4. I know a lot of people are kind of curious exactly what's going to happen from season to season.

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A lot of people are really looking forward to season one, and kind of see what kind of content we're going to have, what kind of Battle Pass, Cosmetic System you're going to have, all that kind of Diablo 4 Items

Diablo 4 Battle Pass

So it looks like Blizzard is definitely dedicated to Diablo 4, for the foreseeable future. We'll kind of have to wait and see, what happens down the road, I know people are are will come and go playing games, so new things may come out people may go play that for a while

Some people may get tired of the grind and Diablo, a lot of RPG, MMO style games. People get kind of tired of that grind after a while, but overall I think you'll see a lot of new players coming to the game, going forward and you'll probably see a lot of returning players coming back, after maybe they take a break for a little while

I think that's what Blizzard is looking at, as kind of as a whole they're going to see, the community as kind of evolving. You'll have your veteran players are going to stay around for a long time, as long as the game's out, you'll have new players coming in and returning players

So they're trying to set this game up for the future, to make sure that they have good content that everyone can enjoy. So through the above content analysis, I think the future of Diablo 4 is very worth looking forward to! Hope you like the above content.


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