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Diablo 4: New XP Farming Ways - 18,000,000 XP Per Hour

Posted: Jun 28, 2023

Hello dear Diablo fans, I'm back with a brand new Diablo 4 XP Farm. This incredibly efficient new method for farming tons of XP, which is because of the recent DDOS attacks over the weekend. For whatever reason it broke a certain Dungeon, so I would farm this now before it gets fixed by Blizzard.

Diablo 4

Introduction To Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is an action role playing game, developed by Blizzard entertainment as part of their ongoing series. Involving the war between the forces of heaven and hell across the world of mortals sanctuary. A war between resourceful players and Blizzard balance team seems to be ongoing as well.

Why Can We Farm It?

After Blizzard repeatedly issued Hotfixes lowering the spawn rates of Elites across multiple Dungeons, it appears XP Farming players may have finally caught a break. Elite numbers have increased, and in this article I showcase where to farm them and how best to do it.

So Iron Hold dodge it and howitzer used to be known for its largely packs of all spawn in one room. After the recent DDOS attacks, there are even more lead packs than usual. Elites and their Minions are the best source of XP and Diablo 4 Items in the game, that's why Blizzard keeps releasing Hotfixes to balance or spawn rates.

Diablo 4 DDOS

How To Farm It? - 4 Steps

This farm more than likely will be fixed soon, so let's not waste any time. To reach Iron Hold, travel to the ruins of rock hot to keep in central. Wizard, Erie will find a waypoint surrounded by multiple Dungeons, including Iron Hold, you can find it right here on the map.

Diablo 4 Iron Hold

Before we get into it I just want to briefly go over Nightmare Dungeon reset method. It is what we will be using to efficiently reset Iron Hold Dungeon without needing to log out of our character.

First Step: Use any Nightmare Sigils, then enter Nightmare Dungeon and wait 5 seconds, this makes the game only save our progress in this Dungeon. Now any other Dungeon we exit will instantly reset. This works regardless of whether we town portal out exit with the radial menu hotkeys or exit manually.

Diablo 4 Nightmare Sigil

Second Step: Travel to Iron Hold, upon entering our first goal is to slide them a level inspector and collect Jailer's key. Most of the mobs in Awoken Cells section of the Dungeon are not worth spending too much time on, so avoid them unless there is a large pack for fast XP. To quickly find up a level inspector, look for a Skull Icon on your minimap.

Third Step: After obtaining the key, unlock the door to move forward to the halls of Malice. There will be a brief mandatory encounter at the end of Awoken Cells. Each time it's a little different, but it shouldn't be too much trouble. The main reason we farm here are the huge packs of Elites that cluster inside the halls of Malice, there are usually two rooms crammed full of Elites, as long as you have some good AOE, crowd control or unstoppable effects you should be able to clear them all at once for massive bursts of XP and Diablo 4 Gold.

Fourth Step: Once the halls of Malice have been cleared the current objective will be to unseal the door, to the boss chamber, using two Bloodstones. If this is your first time in Iron Hold, I would recommend on sealing the door and slaying the scourge of Land Boss. This unlocks the fastball aspect in your codex of power, which can cool down necromancer ultimates faster. Otherwise skip it, reset and go again, It's not worth the time. I recommend resetting by portaling out and portaling back in, I find it to be the fastest low times.

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Notes On XP Farming

This XP Farm can be completed in two to three minutes on any class, and ranges from 500k to 700k XP per run on world tier 4 tournament. That being said I find it more satisfying getting a large burst of XP when clearing huge groups of enemies, plus Iron Hold is a great source of Loot. With quick resets you could get anywhere from 12 to 18 million XP per hour, depending on RNG.

There is quite a bit of variance depending on how fast you are and what layouts you get, but I have no doubt those numbers could be pushed even higher. If you are extremely quick if you'd like to go the extra mile gathering XP consider popping an Elixir, all Elixirs grant a 5 XP buff as well as other helpful effects.

Diablo 4 Elixir

I recommend a little extra of Demons thing since the big Elite packs near the end of Iron Hold are all Demons, you can craft Elixirs at any Alchemists.


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