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Diablo 4: How To Solve Some Minor Issues? - Items Disappear Randomly & Reset Dungeons And More

Posted: May 30, 2023

Posted: May 30, 2023

Source:  IGGM

While playing Diablo 4, have any of you noticed that items on the ground sometimes randomly disappear? Or when you might want to reset a dungeon, you have to go all the way back to town to do it. These two problems greatly affect the game experience.

Thankfully, it’s easy to fix these two issues and a few other niggles to help you create a more enjoyable Diablo 4 experience. Let’s get back to the question of random items disappearing from the ground and how to fix it by default.

Item Label Display Fix

If you are in combat at the time, the item will disappear after a 10 second delay. It will then scatter these items around you. You can pin these items on the options menu and change the item label display option to your desired preference. This way, you can quickly grab these items.

Diablo 4: Item Label Display Fix

Quickly Leave & Reset Dungeons

As for our second point, resetting dungeons quickly and easily without having to go back to town. There is a specific button on the emotion wheel that allows you to simply leave the dungeon you are currently in. You can also rebind it as a key to your choice.

Diablo 4: How to Easily Reset a Dungeon?

How To Interact With Pet Dogs?

Speaking of going back to town, have you ever wondered why you can’t pet a dog that’s wandering around? You can actually walk up to the dog to the emotion wheel, and use the “hello emote,” next to them, so your character can pat the dog on the head.

Diablo 4: How To Interact With Pet Dogs?

Disable Cross Play Functionality

After optimizing your setup as much as possible, try disabling cross play functionality to reduce the number of players loaded into the game world and the overall number of connections. Of course, this also has the downside of not seeing as many players as before. But maybe it’s also a blessing in disguise.

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Legendaries Mailed To Stash

This was a bit hidden in previous Diablo 4 iterations. But thankfully, now it’s right in front of you once you open your inventory. While they might not matter early on, they will matter in World Tiers where your resistances are higher. But they can get nerfed as you clear dungeons and get sweet loot.

Try not to worry if you happen to miss the legendary items and some of Diablo 4 Gold drops. Thankfully, they mail to your stash safe and sound, but be careful. You can only mail about 20 items. So try to keep an eye out for legendary item drops. But if you miss some, don’t worry too much about it.

Diablo 4: Legendaries Stash

Keep Duplicate Legendaries

Since we’re talking about legends, try to save multiples of each legend. If they are beneficial to your character, while you can extract legendary items to imprint their effects on rare items. But the legendary item itself gets destroyed during extraction. This means that you will have to keep multipliers on certain legendary items, depending on how useful and rare they are.

Diablo 4: How To Solve Some Minor Issues?

Play How You Want to Play

Last but not least, I know this might sound cliche. But the way you want to play the game changes over time during the lifespan of a Diablo 4 class.

Especially with season 1 coming so soon after its official release, some courses will take time to start rolling. For example Barbarian and Druid, they both need Legendary to be as good as Sorceress.

In any case, you can start the game the way you like to play. Hope these tips can help you solve some of the troubles you encountered in Diablo 4 and get a better gaming experience. I wish you a merry game.


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