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Diablo 4: 5 Things You Need To Know! - Status Effects, Save Gold, World Tiers, Paragon Boards and Level Up

Posted: May 29, 2023

Posted: May 29, 2023

Source:  IGGM

If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty excited about Diablo 4’s release next week. So here is something about what we need to know and prepare before the game starts, so that we can master the skills and enter the status effect as soon as possible.

Status Effects

First, we have health-based effects, Healthy and Injured. Healthy state means we have more than 80% effective HP at the moment, while the Injured state means we only have less than 35% HP.

These status effects significantly affect your gear. You can enable some powerful Aspects and condition your abilities to affect two powerful damage magnification effects, Overpower and Vulnerable.

When enemies are Vulnerable, they take 20% increased damage and have a unique purple aura around their health bar. On the other hand, Overpower gives your active skills a 3% chance to deal with critical damage. By strategically combining certain skills, it can guarantee and overwhelm and utilize the effect of vulnerability for maximum damage.

Diablo 4: Everything You Need To Know Before You Play

Save Gold

Also, we need to note that Diablo 4 Gold is not just a currency. When I played the beta, this was crucial to our journey through Sanctuary. And running out of coins can be really frustrating at times.

But thankfully, I was able to get back on my feet without much downtime. Whether I was picking up new gear from the store, unlocking valuable crafting recipes, or investing in my legendary items. Diablo 4 Gold became the key to unlocking my character’s true potential. Be careful though, as the gold runs out faster than you think.

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World Tiers

There are four World Tiers in Diablo 4, and the first two become available when you create your first character. World Tier 1 is the default selection, while World Tier 2 features more challenging enemies. We can increase not only experience by 20%, but it will also increase gold coins by 15%.

In order to unlock World Tier 3, the aptly named Nightmare difficulty, you’ll need to complete Capstone dungeons in World Tier 2.

Cathedral of Light Capstone dungeon is a real challenge in World Tier 2 and with the main story campaign already done. So keep your gear and healing potions well stocked as you make your way to the endgame.

Diablo 4: What is World Tier?

Paragon Boards

I unlock Paragon Boards when your character reaches level 50, and each level has its own set of boards consisting of six types of tiles. Of these, the common tile is the most plentiful and provides a plus-five bonus to one of the four main stats. We distributed magic tiles in clusters and have several advantages.

And rare tiles offer significant power boosts and additional bonuses. At the heart of every board is the legendary tile, which grants your character a new legendary ability. Paragon Board has a major impact on your character’s power, so I highly recommend approaching it with a well thought out plan.

Diablo 4: Paragon Boards Explained

How To Level Up Fast?

Now, I know some of you are excited about upgrading. Let’s talk about leveling and some tools on how to do it faster. Scaling works with all sources, including Quests and Monster Girls. Advanced monsters will give you more experience. And lower levels yield even less.

Certain buffs in the game, such as Elixirs, Campfires, and teammates who are close to you will give you extra experience, and these buffs will greatly speed up your leveling speed. Increasing the difficulty of World Tier seems to be challenging. But more often than not, this will actually slow down your leveling up in the party. Because the experience gained from monster slaying is shared among all members united throughout the area.

Diablo 4: How to Level Up Fast?

But playing with friends can potentially quadruple your leveling speed. It also means you can sit around town, safe from damage, and let your friends farm XP for you. But I think most of you want to keep your friends. Just don’t forget that there are plenty of interesting side quests, not to mention the main storyline.

All in all, I hope this content has helped shed some light on something for you. Hope these can help you. Let us look forward to the arrival of Diablo 4!


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