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Diablo 4: Everything You Should Know Before Exploring Endgame!

Posted: Jun 13, 2023

Posted: Jun 13, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Have you finished your Diablo 4 campaign and wondering what to do next? Here I will tell you what you should know before entering the endgame game and what enhancement build items you can end up getting through the endgame.

Level 50, Capstone Dungeon And Nightmare Difficulty

First, if you haven’t reached level 50, this should be your first goal. You can try some dungeons and side quests until you reach this goal.

Once you’re ready, head to Kyovashad in Fractured Peaks, and enter the castle. The first one you’ll face is Capstone Dungeon. This dungeon is a challenging area. There’s a powerful level 50 boss here, known as Curator, that needs to be completed before you can get into Nightmare Difficulty.

You must be level enough to pass this dungeon. You can choose Boosting service, which will allow you to complete the upgrade faster and see Curator.

Once complete, you’ll be able to access Nightmare Difficulty at World Tier Statue. This opens up additional endgame events and higher-level item drops to make your character even more powerful.

Diablo 4: Capstone Dungeon Tips & Tricks


Helltide event is an hour-long regional event in Diablo 4, unlocked after you reach Nightmare Difficulty.

Filled with powerful demons and monsters, you can collect currency called Cinders to exchange for items in chests during Helltide. Each chest is specific to a specific item type, with a different cost associated with the chest type.

The area is full of challenging enemies. Their powerful attacks can quickly reduce your health to zero, and death will cost you half your Cinders. You may want to spend the money as you earn it until you feel confident in your ability to survive. Helltide region is also the only source of Forgotten Souls, which is usually found in reward chests and used for crafting.

Diablo 4: Helltide Rises Guide Farming Tips


Renown is a new system in Diablo 4 where players can earn rich rewards by completing missions in each region. There are two reward paths. One is an account-wide benefit that can be obtained at one time. The other is Diablo 4 Gold reward that can be earned with every new character.

Required tasks include simple requirements. Such as discovering new areas of the map and waypoints leading to longer objectives. Such as a series of different quests that can be triggered by finding non-player characters and finding items in the game world as the item drops.

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Also, finding Altar of Lilith will give you additional rewards. The developers have confirmed that you only need to find them once to earn these perks.

Lastly is Stronghold, a demon-infested area of the map with the lowest level of monsters. They can be a real challenge, but they offer the highest single Renown rewards. It’s worth taking the time to clear them all, as doing so can reveal new Waypoints, Dungeons and Side Quests.

Diablo 4: Renown Guide

Tree Of Whispers

Tree of Whispers is a Bounty-based system that provides a currency called Grim Favors for completing various quests. Check out the map and you’ll see the various Bounty highlighted, along with the rewards offered and the time left to complete each one.

We must complete bounty tasks before the timer expires, so be careful before entering a potentially long task that is due soon. Once you have 10 Grim Favors, you can redeem them in Tree of Whispers for bonus chests, which can contain legendary, uniques, gems, materials, and Nightmare Sigils.

Diablo 4: Tree Of Whispers Guide

Nightmare Dungeons

Regarding Nightmare Sigils, these are tokens that can be found in Helltide and Tree of Whispers reward caches. They’ll be stored in your consumable inventory, and you can choose to take unwanted Sigils and craft new ones at Occultist in town.

To activate Nightmare Dungeons, right-click on Sigils and head to the highlighted dungeon. Nightmare Dungeons contain many powerful enemies. Playing in groups is therefore beneficial, as player revives do not count towards your total revives. So find a team to play with for the best chance of success.

Diablo 4: Nightmare Dungeons Sigils & Glyphs


Looking ahead, Blizzard announced that they already have two expansion packs in the works. As the next Seasons approaches, it looks like the game will be getting more and more content updates. I hope you found this useful and that you enjoy the game as much as I do!


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