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Diablo 4: A Complete Guide To Earn XP, Legendary, And Gold Fastest!

Posted: Jun 14, 2023

Posted: Jun 14, 2023

Source:  IGGM

After the official release of Diablo 4, many players found that some classes and skills were weakened. So a lot of players are concerned about whether this will affect the way we get XP fast, lots of Legendary loot, and epic Gold Farm. So let’s check it out here.


Today we take a look at the dungeon Anica’s Claim and its XP, Legendary, and Gold Farm potential. Before the nerf, we saw people bring up to 10 level boosts, 2 million Diablo 4 Gold, and a full set of Legendary gear in about an hour of playtime if RNG gods blessed them. So does this still work after the nerf?

On the map, you’ll find it just below Bear Tribe Refuge waypoint on the far east side of the map. You can access it once you’ve cleared the general stronghold area for Goatman, Elites, and bosses. But we’re going to focus on the dungeon itself that opens right after.

Diablo 4: A Complete Guide To Earn XP, Legendary, And Gold Fastest!

Anica’s Claim Dungeon Guide

Anica’s Claim is a 3 part dungeon. You can choose to do it fairly quickly solo or in a group. The dungeon should take about 10 minutes to complete if you stay focused.

Inside Anica’s Claim, you’ll find that your first mission is to kill all the large Animus Carriers, aka the large Goatman marked Skull on the minimap. We need to kill them and collect Purple Orbs and Purple Flames to store in Animus Urn in order to open the door to the next area.

You need to basically follow the natural shape of the tunnel with a large circular pattern and use as much AOE and Elite Shred as possible, which will make your challenge here easier. Of course, you can also choose the appropriate Diablo 4 Boosting service, which will help you quickly increase your level and cakewalk the challenge.

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As a bonus, you can use Goatman Elixir to gain a damage bonus to creature types and a 5% XP boost. If you don’t have those, then Elixir of Undead-Slaying or an Elixir that adds evasion or defense stats are also good options.

Once you reach the second largest area, your task is to place Ancient Statue back on Pedestal that closed the boss’ room door. You’ll use the same walk to make a big circle around the tunnel and kill mobs until you find Ancient Statue and drag it back to the boss’ room door.

Diablo 4: Anica’s Claim Dungeon Guide

How To Get Extra Loot?

While doing this, in this section, you may encounter world events such as Cursed Chest. If you act fast, this can be a great way to get extra loot and XP.

Once inside the boss’ room, you’ll see Shatterhorn encased in ice, with waves of enemies emerging from the floor to attack. Clear the waves, kill the boss, and you’re done.

I have a few strategies for resetting the dungeon, but I recommend keeping it simple and using the “exit dungeon command” and vendor to disarm and return. All in all, I completed this dungeon about 15-20 times in 2.5 hours, and upgraded about 9 levels, earned 3 million Gold, gained 11 Legendary loots, and countless rare items.

Diablo 4: level up fast with legendary farm and fast leveling spot

Final Thoughts

If you also complete this dungeon and perform better or worse, don’t forget to chat and see. I’ll continue to test this dungeon and a few others, such as Champion’s Demise dungeon, which seems similarly unaffected by Blizzard’s recent changes and nerfs to our favorite elite creatures.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll love Diablo 4’s dungeons. Hope this method can help you get enough XP, Legendary, and Gold Farm quickly. Good luck.


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