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Diablo 4: A Complete Guide To Subzero Rogue Build - Skills, Aspect & Paragon Board

Posted: Jun 15, 2023

Posted: Jun 15, 2023

Source:  IGGM

I’ve been fascinated by characters like Sub-Zero that can freeze enemies a long time ago. Luckily, in Diablo 4, we can create our own Sub-Zero! If you also like to Freeze your enemies, I’ll show you how.

Today our goal is Rogue mainline. This build is designed to Freeze and Chill enemies in a large area, allowing us to effortlessly take on groups and powerful enemies without being affected.

Our abilities can even Freeze Treasure Goblins or turn boss fights into exhilarating combos. In this case, we fill up Crowd Control meter and unleash a barrage of attacks with Shadow Clone.

The build is endgame friendly, with defensive passives and evasion abilities to sustain and avoid damage. Shadow Clone plays an important role, not only doubling our damage but also the effect of skills like Caltrops and Cold Imbue Daggers.

Diablo 4: Best Subzero Rogue Build Guide

How Does It Work?

First, let me explain how this build works by breaking down the skill distribution. Rogue's basic attack is Puncture, upgraded to Fundamental Puncture. It offers us many benefits, including ranged attacks and a vulnerability debuff that applies to enemies at close range.

Core Skills

Its core skill is Twisting Blades, which is further upgraded to Improved Twisting Blades. We can give these Blades Chill effect and act as combo point drains, increasing damage significantly.

Without Imbue, Twisting Blades will stun enemies and keep reassuring them while we kill them. So we can spend more Diablo 4 Gold here, looking for faster upgrades.

Another basic skill is Caltrops, which transforms into Methodical Caltrops, which Chill damage and Freeze enemies at a rate of 20% per second.

With 2 charges and our Shadow Clone replicating our moves, we can deploy 4 Caltrops simultaneously in challenging situations. Enemies in these areas will eventually be Freeze, becoming vulnerable to more damage from our attacks.

Diablo 4: Subzero Rogue Skill Tree

Agility Skills

Plus, Disciplined Dash adds to our Agility skills. It can apply a nice deceleration effect. Use this ability immediately after casting Caltrops to snap back into place and chill multiple enemies with a single swipe.

Imbue Skills

Our Imbue skill is Cold Imbuement. I prefer to mix in Cold Imbuement upgrade, which increases the damage of Imbue skill considering the enemy is almost always under Crowd Control.

With Aspect of Unstable Imbuements, we can deal more damage and apply additional Chill damage every time the skill is activated. This is a terrific addition to our arsenal. Since Chill damage done is based on your level, leveling up quickly is crucial. Of course, you can also choose to speed up the boosting speed through Diablo 4 Boosting Service.


For our ultimate, we have Shadow Clone, which have multiple uses. First of all, it allows us to double the use of Chill damage, especially with the help of Aspect of Imitated Imbuement, allowing our Clone to also mimic Imbue effect.

Second, Clone proves invaluable during boss fights. Activate Crowd Control meter once it’s filled, and work with your Clone to defeat the boss.

Diablo 4: Subzero Rogue Gear & Skills

Finally, efficient application is more straightforward than other skills. Just press a button, damage your target, and let your Clone handle the rest in the background. Other ultimates often require careful planning in terms of placement and timing, making them inherently more challenging.

Passive Skill

Momentum is the key passive that easily stacks with our two Brutal abilities and counters Stun or Freeze enemies. The rest of the passives increase our speed, energy regeneration, defense and damage bonuses.

Diablo 4: Aspect Guide - Everything You Need To Know


Regarding aspects, the most critical one is Bladedancer’s Aspect, allowing our Blades to briefly circle around and apply additional Chill damage. Other Aspects include Aspect of Shared Misery. It spreads our Chill damage and Freeze status effects.

Aspect of Imitated Imbuement and Aspect of Unstable Imbuements, both of which enhance Cold Imbuement we mentioned earlier. Aspect of Corruption and Vengeful Aspect further increase our damage output against Crowd Control enemies.

Diablo 4: Paragon Board

Paragon Board

While how you invest your Paragon points is entirely a matter of personal preference, I would recommend investing in Frostfeeder. Because it has an impressive +20% Chill effect bonus and 16% increased damage to Freeze targets.

That concludes my detailed Diablo 4 Subzero Rogue Build guide. I hope with this guide you have achieved your goal today!


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