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Diablo 4’s Showcase Changed My Entire Perspective About The Endgame

Posted: Apr 13, 2023

Posted: Apr 13, 2023

Source:  IGGM

After the course of playing the last couple beta weekends of Diablo IV, it has gotten an amazing amount of love and incredible player feedback.

Players absolutely love the first 25 levels and the game truly exceeded most people’s expectations. But the official Diablo 4 team releasing a video all about the endgame. I have to say this has got me more excited and hyped up than ever.

The endgame is surely something we don’t have a lot of information about and diving into this head first is truly refreshing and leaves me just wanting more.

Paragon Board

They started discussing as your character grows in power, you will flesh out all of your talent trees and eventually cap out on your skill points available. After around level 50, you’ll be heading into Paragon Board to dive into an incredibly deep and crucial part of Diablo 4’s endgame.

Now, a lot of choices players make are usually grounded upon skills and builds depending on what class they actually select and play. And this can push them into playing a wide variety of different roles in Diablo.

Diablo 4's Showcase Changed My Entire Perspective About The Endgame

But with the Paragon Board isn’t as simple as that you’re going to have a lot more in-depth customization giving you an incredibly wide variety of options to make a character that truly fits your preferred play style.

Now, an amazing addition to the Paragon Board to help even more with customization is the fact that you can actually rotate the board itself and start in the direction that you want to specifically go down. Like if you want more dexterity, pieces, boons or glyphs, you can base your past upon those, allowing every single Paragon Board to be different in their own way with having thousands of customization options for each character you dive into near the endgame.

Codex Of Power

They also speak about how one of my favorite systems personally is the Codex of Power on how when you complete a dungeon, you gain that Legendary Aspect permanently inside your codex, giving you the minimum aspect value for that legendary.

And it easily allows you to select that Legendary Power and imprint it onto any great piece of gear you find out in the open world, allowing you to continue running the same build that you’re currently playing or even try out new builds very easily by collecting a nice variety of legendaries for your class overall.

I absolutely love the fact that it gives you the opportunity to test out a wide variety of builds as you level up instead of having to go out there and farm legendaries and pray to the RNG gods that you get the aspects that you need to even start and consider playing a brand new build. With this system, you simply go out to farm the dungeons and start mixing and matching playstyles all on the go. If you are lucky, you can also farm a lot of Diablo 4 Gold.

Nightmare Dungeons

Now, everybody knows that a massive part of the Diablo franchise is its incredible dungeons that you can dive into. Each one can feel like they have their own story, full of monster families, different bosses and objectives to bring you almost an endless amount of fun, no matter the dungeon that you are running.

Now, once you advance to World Tier 3, you will get access to Nightmare Sigils, which then you could use to activate a Nightmare Dungeon that you might have run previously in your current playthrough. It’s going to make the dungeons significantly harder by adding affixes, adding different mobs and boss types and amplifying the intensity of the dungeons significantly.

Diablo 4 Nightmare Sigils

We even got a first look at one of the affixes in the dungeon, which is called the Hellgate Affix. They showed that periodically throughout the dungeon, a Hellgate will actually spawn inside and a bunch of monsters and minions will actually be poured out of it from various regions throughout the Sanctuary, while you’re actually trying to handle everything else going on in the dungeon.

I know a lot of people won’t be too happy about me making the statement. But it seems a lot like Mythic Plus Dungeons in World of Warcraft. Personally, I think if they’re going to try to make Diablo a bigger franchise and cater to a wider audience, they need to do something to add more re-playability and a lot of these MMO aspects they are introducing into the game.

I think they are definitely going to help for the long-term health of Diablo 4. What I mean is I think it’s phenomenal that they already have over 120 dungeons in the game at launch and any one of them can become a Nightmare Dungeon once you acquire the Nightmare Sigil, making it very difficult for you as the player to run the same dungeons over and over again, leaving it very hard to become boring and repetitive.


Moving on, we also got a brand new first look at some of the Helltide zones and gameplay that are involved in them. This is a feature that unlocks when you start heading into the endgame and it transforms an entire region into a Helltide event that players can group up or go solo to defeat even more powerful monsters and complete objectives to acquire Shards of Hatred.

As a player, you then take these shards to go and purchase rewards and unlock caches that are found all throughout the Helltide event areas. That can give you very powerful loot and rewards. It makes the entire region changing into something completely different from it was before, bringing you new challenges and new opportunities and getting loot upon completion. And I truly believe it’s going to bring even more players than it had in the past.

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Whispers Of The Dead

They also explained that the Whispers of the Dead system is also a massive feature in the endgame as well.

If you play Diablo 3 or a lot of MMOs or pretty much any game in general nowadays, these pretty much work as daily quests or for you Diablo players out there bounties.

So, what you’re going to do is go out in the open world, travel all around completing these events, objectives and quests, laying these monsters whatever. Then, you return to the trio Whispers to turn in for a variety of words for your character to claim and earn.

Diablo 4 Whispers of the Dead

My Thoughts

My personal biggest anticipated feature is the PVP. We even got more details at first look at the Fields of Hatred. For those of you that don’t know, the Fields of Hatred are PVP based zones and I am incredibly excited for PVP in general in a game like Diablo 4.

Now, similar to Helltide zones and events, the Fields of Hatred allow you to collect shards for you to collect and turn in for great rewards. Now, it isn’t going to be as easy and simple by grabbing the shards and turning them in, though you are going to need to take the shards and purify them before you can actually turn them in for a reward. The big catch is that you can get killed by other players while you have the shards and they can steal all of your loot for themselves.

One of the craziest thing is that other players will actually know that you're attempting to purify the shards, so definitely be ready for more engagement when you're looking to finalize collecting all your rewards in the PVP zone.

Now, I personally think this is an absolutely phenomenal addition to Diablo game in general with the fact that you can increase your player power and get exclusive rewards strictly through PVP if you want to. This gives you the freedom to play and decide how you want to progress all with your own choice.

They also did explain that Diablo 4 is a live service game and they're constantly going to be giving update dates with expansions, battle passes, cosmetics and stuff like that. I absolutely love that they are increasing the size and play of Diablo overall significantly. They are adding tons of group play and exploration as well as open world events to make the world feel alive and active and this isn't even all the features inside of Diablo 4.

I personally think that Diablo franchise needed something big and massive to make a return and a big comeback after Diablo Immortal issues and all these features. And brand new aspects they are implementing into the game I think are truly going to change the game for the better and revolutionize the franchise as a whole.


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