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Diablo 4: Developer Livestream Explains The Upcoming Season 1 & 2 Changes - Nightmare Dungeons, Renown Changes And More

Posted: Jun 19, 2023

There was a recent Diablo 4 livestream that addressed some of the community’s most pressing questions about Diablo 4. So I’ll quickly recap some of the biggest changes that the developers explained in this stream. I will detail when these changes will take effect.

Renown Changes

In my opinion, the biggest change announced is Renown system. During the livestream, the developer stated that any previously discovered parts of Altars of Lilith and a world map will carry over into the upcoming Diablo 4 season.

This means that by the time Season 1 begins, you will have already completed a significant amount of Renown, and your world map has already been discovered. But it also means that you still need to fill the rest of Renowned bar with other activities. Such as side mission strongholds and dungeons.

Personally, after testing it myself, I’ve found that this may require a higher level from you. But don’t worry, you can use Diablo 4 Boosting Service to help you increase your level quickly. At least better than finding all the Altars of Lilith again.

Diablo 4: Developer Livestream Feedback And Changes For Some Issues

Teleport To Nightmare Dungeons

Another tremendous change is that players will Teleport to Nightmare Dungeons. When Nightmare Sigils are implemented, Nightmare Sigils will act as a fast travel item, immediately taking the player to the selected Nightmare Dungeons.

This is a surprising change, since one of the biggest criticisms most players have of Nightmare Dungeons system is the longer actual travel times to the dungeons themselves. Thankfully, except for Nightmare Dungeons, we can expect this change to release well before Season 1.

Gems Changes

Gems and inventory management have been an issue since the release of Diablo 4. It also addressed this during the live stream. Starting in Season 2, they will include Gems in materials tab.

Speaking of materials, the upper limit of materials will also be increased. We can expect this change to take effect for all hardcore fans before Season 1.

Diablo 4: New Gameplay Changes - Dungeons, Gems, Renown and More

Disconnection Protection

Blizzard finally announced Disconnection Protection. And the team admits there are some issues with characters dying from crashes or otherwise when they shouldn’t. If the player still has a Scroll in their inventory when they disconnect, the game will be able to teleport the player back to town by consuming Scroll.

Therefore, I suggest that you can invest more Diablo 4 Gold in Scroll now, so as not to increase the price of Scroll in the future. Honestly, this should have been implemented before the release. But you can expect that change to happen in Season 2.

Nightmare Dungeon Buffs

Recently Blizzard released a series of Dungeon Nerfs to prevent players from abusing normal dungeons in order to level up quickly. Over the next few weeks, they indicated that buffs were coming, and they intended to make Nightmare Dungeons even more valuable.

In general, as Nightmare Dungeons changes, resistance and stat, they will also notice changes. Resistance is weak compared to other defensive stats, the team admits. They want to correct this, but it may take a while. So expect the Resistance change to come in Season 2.

Diablo 4: Big Buffs and Massive Updates - Nightmare Dungeon Buffs, Season 1 News

Developer Breakdown

There will be another developer livestream before Season 1 launches, so we can expect more changes. Before that there’s also a quick breakdown from this dev stream, and what to expect ahead of Season 1 and Season 2.

The devs are actually playing their own game, but they're having the same issues we're having. Whether it's Nightmare Dungeons, or Gems taking up inventory space.

Overall, these are big changes, and I’m glad the developers are embracing community feedback so quickly. And there is already a repair plan in a few weeks, which is the best part of this live broadcast.


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