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Diablo 4: How To Complete Cathedral Of Light Capstone Dungeon? - Tips & Tricks

Posted: Jun 16, 2023

Here I’ll share with you a brief overview of Diablo 4’s first Capstone Dungeons, Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad.

Reach Level 50

You start by completing the dungeon at your own pace. Take the next step when you feel you are ready for more experience and richer Diablo 4 Gold and loot. A warning of this is clearly a more formidable enemy.

Diablo 4: How To Complete Cathedral Of Light?

This dungeon is unavailable until you complete the major campaign. Therefore, I recommend you reach level 50 before attempting it, but you can also try it at any level after the campaign is complete. So fast upgrade is our primary purpose. I highly recommend you to choose Diablo 4 Boosting Service. This will help you upgrade faster and avoid wasting time.

We also tried out Tree of Whispers Favor system, also new in Diablo 4, that helps you progress through the endgame.

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Where To Find Capstone Dungeons?

To find this dungeon, you need to go to Priority Quest map marker north of Kyovashad and enter Cathedral. Be prepared for some challenges. After all, this is really about getting you ready to start World Tier 3.

We would recommend upgrading your gear through Blacksmith if possible, it will indeed give you a better chance of survival. This dungeon is also very similar to the previous ones. If you do any of these, all you really have to do is complete a few sets of adjectives. This will take you through the different stages of the dungeon.

Diablo 4: Where To Find The Cathedral Of Light Capstone Dungeon?

Sacred Physician

You also kill 2 bosses, but not typical ones. We should note that the monster level inside is also higher than the normal scale. I think all the monsters in this dungeon start at about level 50. All in all, it took us about 25 minutes to complete some of our stages. We collected and stored Animus. We also killed High Council after that.

The next area lets us kill all enemies in the given area. We recommend that you focus on Sacred Physician first, otherwise you’ll end up spending a lot of unnecessary time here. The main reason to focus on Sacred Physician is because of his ability to heal his party, he can also resurrect them.

Note that they come back in extremely poor health. So you definitely want to focus on him first. Getting that Sacred Physician out early on will be something you can do to make your dungeon run more efficiently.

Diablo 4: Curator Boss Fight Guide


Finally, is Curator really the last boss fight before completing the dungeon? Like many bosses, he can be easily crushed once you learn to attack and get good at avoiding ground damage. Sometimes the combat here is a little longer, depending on how much damage you can do, but as long as you can hang on, it’s not too complicated.

One thing we noticed is that if you’re at a party, you can revive in battle, which helps keep you progressing. However, if they killed your entire party, you’ll have to restart the fight with Curator from the beginning. This way, any damage you’ve done to him before will completely disappear.

Diablo 4: Capstone Dungeon Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

We also noticed a cool feature where instances don’t reset if you don’t quit the game. So it really gives you the opportunity to go back into town and repair your gear if necessary. Or make any adjustments that may be needed to help you and your team cross the finish line and reach World Tier 3 for better mission completion and higher XP and loot.

Now that you’ve successfully completed this dungeon, you’ll want to head back to Kyovashad and find your Statue. This is the only place in the game where you can change World Tier difficulty. So if you find things in Nightmare too difficult at first, you can go back to this Statue and adjust your difficulty settings right away.

Another important note is if you’re playing in a party, since game and world progression are determined by the party leader. So all other party members need to accept the change to revert the status to World Tier 2, or set the change to Nightmare World Tier difficulty.

That wraps up my detailed guide to taking on Diablo 4’s first Capstone Dungeons, along with tips and tricks you’ll need to be aware of along the way. Hope this short guide helps you guys.


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