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Dark And Darker: Three Ways To Play With Friends

Posted: Feb 14, 2023

Dark and Darker is a challenging and brutal game, and you can choose to play with your friends to make it a little easier. If you don't want to play alone, there are three choices for you. You can invite friends to play with you, invite randoms directly through the invite screen, or use the Gathering Hub.

The Process Of Inviting Friends

Dark And Darker Inviting Friends

If you want to play the game with your friends, first you will encounter the first hurdle, which is sending your friends invites. Currently, the game doesn't have an overarching account system, instead requiring you to invite your friends by character names. And your friend needs to create a character first, and you can invite him after entering the lobby. Please read below a tutorial on how to play Dark and Darker.

1. You need to click Enter the Lobby first

2. You need to set your own Server Region to be the same as your friend's

3. Click Plus Sign on both sides of you

4. Enter your friend's character name into the Find ID box and click Magnifying Glass

5. Finally, right click on your friend's character and select Invite

After you send the invite, be able to see a scroll bar in the upper right corner of the screen and click on it. All invitations can be found here. Now your friend can take it and your friend will appear on the table. Next, in order to invite your second friend, you can click on another Plus Sign to do the same for him.

In order to start a co-op game with your friends, they need to click Ready in the bottom left corner of the screen when they all show up at the table. Once your friends are all marked as Ready, you can start the game. You then need to click "Start", which will take you to a pub with practice dummies and a pet dog. In fact, this is the pre-game lobby.

If you or your friends want to change own class, then you or they just need to press Esc key or click the Class Change button at the bottom of the screen to select Character Select, you can choose your favorite new character, and you will change automatically. In addition, you or they can also use Dark And Darker Gold to obtain any gear or weapon available, so as to improve own strength and make the game easier.

How To Team Up With Randoms

Dark And Darker Randoms

From time to time, you may run into a situation where you don't have friends to play with. That's ok, you can also play with random people online if you want, usually they'll be called randoms. Thankfully, in Dark and Darker, it's easy to team up with randoms, so you don't have to worry about no one playing the game with you.

In Dark and Darker, there are two ways to play with other people. First, you can use the method just introduced to you. You need to click Plus Sign first, then identify the person you see in the list, right click and invite him. In order to find those players with a specific class, you can also use filters to filter them and then invite the players you need. The second is to use Gathering Hub.

How To Use Gathering Hub

Dark And Darker Gathering Hub

As a place to find groups and gather players, Gathering Hub has a chat window where you can chat with others. Here, you can find out who wants to play the game. And on the right side of the screen, we can see a list of names of people in Gathering Hub. If you want to play, you can wait for someone to invite you or right click on their name and send an invite. Besides that, if you want to go to Gathering Hub, you need to be at least Level 5, and then you can get to that place by clicking the tab at the top of the screen.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to experience the game is to play Dark and Darker by yourself with your friends. The good news for now is that if you want to invite your friends to play, you can do easily. If you don't have any friends online to play with, Dark and Darker has a way to LFG that lets you play with randoms. Even better, you can also play by yourself.


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