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Dark And Darker: How To Earn Gold Easily With Rubysilver & Cobalt?

Posted: Aug 19, 2023

I’m going to show you how to earn gold in Dark and Darker. This is a new player friendly guide. I’m going to do this from Cleric’s point of view. Because this is the best starting class, especially for new players.

Rubysilver And Cobalt Gear

Most of my gear is Rubysilver. Don’t worry if you don’t know what this is, I’ll explain it later. I have a Cobalt Helmet, which is a very expensive piece of gear. Either through grinding or through trading.

Dark And Darker: How To Earn Gold Easily With Rubysilver And Cobalt?

You can also take a Pickaxe and mine in Goblin Cave and a solo dungeon, where there are Cobalt Ore Deposits and Rubysilver Ore Deposits. Then you can mine Cobalt Ore and Rubysilver Ore.

If you get 5 Cobalt Ores from the blue node, then you can convert them to Cobalt Ingots from the vendor. He won’t charge you anything. You can also use Rubysilver Ingot to do the same.

Now, when you go out mining, you’ll always want to get more Rubysilver Ores because it’s more valuable. Rubysilver Ore is a purple rarity, while Cobalt Ore is a blue rarity. Purple tends to be better and you’ll be able to get better defenses. And you also get 4 additional modifiers from Rubysilver.

Sell Rubysilver Trading Post

So with that in mind, you can usually actually sell Rubysilver on this Trading Post. But you have to be at least level 10 to do so.

You can usually sell Rubysilver Ore for around 25 Dark and Darker Gold each. Each node will usually have about 2-3 Rubysilver Ores. These nodes do cluster together. So you can get tons of Rubysilver Ores, and maybe even some Cobalt Ores if you get a good spawn.

Dark and Darker: Rubysilver & Cobalt Gear

Best Class

So, if you are a newbie and just getting started, Cleric must be your best bet. This is very helpful for surviving against other players. Because if you die, you can’t actually keep any of that loot.

It’s also very helpful for surviving while mining if you’re outside of the zone. Because Cleric has a lot of heals, you can hang around there for a long time. 

If you’re new, you probably won’t have any gold and you might not afford a Pickaxe right away. But you can get a Pickaxe from Woodsman for only 25 Dark and Darker Gold. You can also get Pickaxe from Weaponsmith, which has a higher rarity.

I don’t actually know if different rarities have different effects, since mining itself is a very slow process. I don’t know if someone with a high rarity Pickaxe will go faster, but it’s worth mentioning.

Dark and Darker: Cleric Guide

Gold Farm Path

After that, we will start by looting the jewelry shelves in the bottom middle of the map. We’ll go west through one door, then north through another, then head down the ramp to loot the treasure room.

There, you’ll not only find a lot of jewelry but also some really nice consumables. You’ll find things like Clarity Potion that can help restore your spells. You’ll also find items like Healing Potions, Bandages, and Shield Potions. These can help keep you energized and further increase your odds of success. This works for any class, not just Cleric.

Once you’ve extracted enough, you can easily get a Pickaxe. But this is just the beginning.

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Mining Ore

We can mine ore in the lower left corner of the map or just north of the map. But I prefer the bottom left because there are fewer enemies and usually fewer players. You’ll probably want to look specifically for red ore nodes. But you have to pull Pickaxe in the consumable slot, then walk up to the node and interact with it.

Now you need to face the node and not need to move while mining. It’s a very slow process, and it’s loud, making a lot of noise and other players can hear you. So stay on your toes. If players realize what you’re doing, they’ll attack you.

Dark and Darker: Mining Rubysilver Ores

If you hear footsteps, unless you’re sure it’s Goblin, you may need to stop mining and look around to see if you can find the player. Because when you are mining, if someone stands behind you and starts attacking you, you will die easily.

Your goal is to collect as many Rubysilver Ores as possible. Also, make sure you have full health after you leave the area. Maybe you can reserve a few heals in case you get into a fight.

How To Use Rubysilver Ores?

When you successfully extract Rubysilver Ores, you can keep it for yourself. Because this is a money making guide, once you reach level 10, you will make money. Then you can enter the market where you want to conduct a bottom-level miscellaneous trade.

Here, you can see these guys selling their Rubysilver Ores. So you can earn a lot of Dark and Darker Gold by selling Ores this way. Including jewels you get from jewelry shelves, maybe Scrolls, Pots and other loot.

Dark and Darker: How to Make Money Mining Ruby Silver Ore?

It’s worth mentioning that you can also defeat other players who loot the chest in the second Mage room. You’ll be able to take loot and jewels from them.

Add it all up and you’ll earn at least 100 gold per run. That’s pretty much it. Hope this guide helps you get lucky with your dungeon run.


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