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Dark And Darker: How Does Level 1 Barbarian Beat Cave Troll Without Any Gear?

Posted: Aug 16, 2023

While exploring the dungeons in Dark and Darker, you’ll encounter many enemies and other players. Fortunately, you can also increase your survivability by teaming up with two other players to form a team of different classes and builds.

But in some dungeons, you can only rely on your strength and skills alone, such as the infamous Goblin Caves. Inside, you may encounter a very troublesome boss called Cave Troll. So here I’m going to tell you how to find and defeat Cave Troll Boss in Dark and Darker with only a level 1 Barbarian.

Dark And Darker: How Does Level 1 Barbarian Beat Cave Troll Without Any Gear?

The Location Of Cave Troll

Despite having low health, Cave Troll is one of the strongest bosses in Dark and Darker. This isn’t surprising, as it’s only found in a separate dungeon, the aforementioned Goblin Caves. As the name suggests, you’ll have to explore the cave complex inhabited by Goblin. But if you’re interested in bigger fish, fighting Cave Troll is well worth it.

If players want to find Cave Troll Boss in Dark and Darker, then you must go deep into the bottom of the dungeon. There are various paths, so the easiest thing to do is to look for the stairs that go straight down. At the bottom, you’ll find a stone door with runes on it. But before you open it, you have to be ready, because Cave Troll Boss is waiting for you right behind it.

Dark and Darker: The Location Of Cave Troll

How To Beat Cave Troll Boss?

First, you should know that the danger of Cave Troll lies in its powerful attack power. Because he has pretty low health in Dark and Darker and can only attack at close range. Therefore, you’d better use ranged attacks on him.

For this strategy, you’ll just need to boost your weapon speed with Dark and Darker Gold. The caveat is that you’ll have to remove some of your other gear to increase your speed further. Then we can run along the walls of the room and keep a certain distance from Cave Troll. This may take some time, but this method will guarantee you defeat the boss without taking any damage.

Importantly, even as a level 1 Barbarian, you can defeat the Cave Troll Boss in Dark and Darker this way. And he didn’t even use any gear to increase his speed.

Just a caveat, this method requires avoiding any damage from Cave Troll Boss. It’s pretty tough if you’re fighting it for the first time. Because it has a variety of attack ranges, it can attack in a large area. What’s more, it can also combo you if you get too close.

Dark and Darker: Easiest Way to Kill the Cave Troll

Therefore, you need to seize the moment and attack during the brief pauses between Cave Troll attacks. There are three major attacks of Cave Troll, namely:

  • Swing Attack: Cave Troll swings his weapon with his left hand. Bosses can perform this hit at different heights.
  • Roar Attack: Cave Troll Roar will slow down the player. If you get hit by this attack, the boss will continue to combo you with one of its swing attacks.
  • Slam Attack: Cave Troll slams his weapon to the ground with both hands. This AOE attack is very dangerous, so you should run away from the boss as soon as possible to avoid taking damage.

That’s all you need to know about how to find and defeat Cave Troll Boss in Dark and Darker. This boss can be a very dangerous enemy, so hopefully this guide will help you defeat him without taking any damage.


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