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Dark And Darker: A Solo Cleric PVE Gold Farming Build Centered Around Holy Purification

Posted: Aug 21, 2023

Here, I want to give you a Solo Cleric PVE gold farming build centered around Holy Purification. That means we’re not going to be going to the Goblin Caves. We’re actually going to be going to the Crips to farm and I took the perks.

Dark And Darker: A Solo Cleric PVE Gold Farming Build Centered Around Holy Purification


First, start with Undead Slaying. When you are attacking undead monsters, you will receive 20% increased Physical Power Bonus. For those who don’t know what that means, that just means +20% damage to your mace attacks.

Next perk is called Blunt Weapon Mastery. With it, you will receive even more mace damage.

Finally, you should pick Preservance and Advanced Healer for a bit of sustain in case you do get hit.

Dark And Darker Perks


For spells, choose Lesser Heal and Protection for more sustain because you will be solo.

Next, choose Divine Strike and Holy Light to increase your damage output, especially against the mini bosses, like the Wraith and the Skeleton Champion.

Dark And Darker Spells


In terms of gear, we’re actually going to be going in with no gear because we want to be working in an area of all profits. So, this is going to be a zero gold build. Just going in your base kit and you’ll do fine still. Trust me!


Now, the strategy is super simple. Just run into the room, gather all the undead into one spot, and cast Holy Purification.

I do suggest that you create a little of space between you and the melee skeletons because they are a tiny bit more tanky than the ranged ones and may take an additional hit on the head for them to die.

Everything on this map will be undead too, except for the Giant Dragonfly, which you can find in some of the bridge rooms and some of the smaller rooms.

But those are fairly easy to kill. They just take one hit. If you need to, cast protection before doing this. It’ll let you survive a crossbow headshot and you know that can be pretty tricky to dodge, especially when you’re channeling your spell.

For the Skeleton Champion and the Wraith, just make sure you’re a little below them on the steps. Crouching does help, but just be aware there’s a chance that the monster will fly over you.

These are also undead and are affected by your undead spells and damage bonuses. So, this is where Divine Strike and Holy Light do come in handy. Because these two monsters are pretty tanky. The Skeleton Champion has 750 health, and the Wraith has 700 health. So, you do want to clear these as fast as you can, especially to not make noise and attract other players.

If you’re trying to avoid groups and survive, here is another tip: unequip any potions from your belt. These glow in the dark and only show if they are attached to your belt. So, just keep them in your inventory and then put them on your belt and drink them whenever you do need them.

But that being said, if the opportunity does arise, definitely capitalize on it. Remember, this is a zero gold build, so you got nothing to lose and nothing to be afraid of. Just buff up, go in there and start swinging.


Now, since this is just a normal lobby, I expect around 200 Dark and Darker Gold per run for your Collectibles and then another couple more for any items you pick up from the Wraith or Skeleton Champion or PVP kills if they do come up.

A little inventory management tip here is gems will always sell more than jewelry. So, keep gems over jewelry if they’re the same rarity. You’re gonna be killing a lot of zombies and mummies on this map since they are undead. And gems make up a pretty significant portion of their drop table.


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