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Animal Crossing New Horizons: These Villagers Celebrate Their Birthdays In November!

Posted: Nov 11, 2020

If you have ever celebrated birthdays for your villagers, then you must know that this is an unusual gaming experience. There are nearly 400 villagers in ACNH, so at least one villager celebrates his birthday almost every day. November has already begun, so we made a list of villagers who celebrate their birthday this month.

In addition to celebrating the Harvest Festival in November, you can also visit the villagers who live on your island, which is even better if you happen to be in time for their birthday. You can pay attention to the bulletin board near the Plaza Resident Service Building, and it will update the notice when it is approaching the villager's birthday or when other major events will happen. During the day, a yellow bird, or an owl at night will notify you of new news on the bulletin board.

In ACNH, if you want to celebrate the birthday of your villager, you can visit him on his birthday, and other villagers will also share the celebration there. They will walk between different neighbors at different times. This is a good opportunity to take pictures, you can take photos with them!

If you don't check the bulletin board in time, we have listed the villagers whose birthdays in November are:

If you want to increase your friendship points with the villagers, you can choose to visit them on their birthdays. If you can give them a birthday gift, then the level of friendship will be significantly improved, if your gift is a wrapped furniture item, then the next day you will receive a thank-you gift and card. This will definitely make you happy, which is also one of the many interesting and beneficial ways in ACNH. If the birthdays of the villagers on your island are all in November, then you will be very busy~

Of course, this probability should be very small.

If you want 2 villagers who celebrate their birthdays on the same day to live on your island, you can choose to come to IGGM to buy them, so that when their birthdays arrive, your island will full of juice.

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