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Want To Decorate Your Island? Don't Miss These Fall-Themed Items

Posted: Sep 23, 2020

In the Northern Hemisphere, September is the beginning of the fall season in Animal Crossing New Horizons, lasting until the end of November. The trees in the game start to change the color of their leaves, and new items can be crafted. There are three types of DIY recipes: tree's bounty, mushrooms and maple leaf furniture. In the fall months, a total of 30 new recipes were introduced, all of which were obtained from the balloons and message in bottles.

If you're thinking about decorating to better reflect the changes of the seasons, we have compiled some fall-themed items you can decorate your island.

Yellow-Leaf Pile

In the fall months, two more leaf pile varieties become available: yellow leaf and red leaf. You only need a few acorns and clumps of weeds to craft these piles, so making a lot of them is not difficult.

Leaf Campfire

The leaf campfire item is similar to the normal leaf piles, but this version is actually on fire. It is more subtle than actual campfire items, but instead of wood that is on fire, but leaves.

In the cold fall night, everyone can surround the flames to keep warm. Putting it on the beach or within groups of trees are good choices. This item only needs a few basic materials (pine cones, clumps of weeds and tree branches) to craft.

Tree's Bounty Arch

This item requires not only pine cones and acorns to craft, but also maple leaves which start to fall from trees later in the season. If you want to start decorating with maple leaves as soon as possible, you can time travel.

This arch can be used as an entrance to your island, to villagers' houses, or to fenced-off areas. If you want to make it look brighter, you can also customize the color of the white pine cones and branch coloring.

Mush Parasol

If you want your island to have some magical forest vibes, you will want items from the mushroom series, especially mush parasol. There is nothing more lovely than seeing a villager sitting underneath it while reading a book or watching the leaves fall.

If you're not time traveling to later in the fall, you will have to wait until a bit further into the season for flat mushrooms to start appearing on your island before you can craft this item. It only needs 3 flat mushrooms to create this mush parasol.

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