The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn DLC and Update 27 Comes to Consoles Soon
The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn DLC and Update 27 Comes to Consoles Soon

The Stonethorn DLC is bringing new content to Elder Scrolls Online, and one of the exciting activities is the new Stone Garden dungeon.

The action kicks off pretty quickly in the Stone Garden dungeon. After a couple of scraps with a group of enemies, the team encounters the first boss, a big werewolf who desperately stops the team from progressing.

An important new feature that developers noticed is that in Veteran Mode, every boss has a hard Mode that can be activated. This will allow players to have more control over the difficulty level they want throughout the dungeon.

In terms of ongoing narrative and storytelling, the team likes to bring back fans' favorite characters. One of the returning characters is Gwendis. Those who venture into Greymore will remember that she is a vampire against darkness and evil nature of vampirism. The little connections between these chapters and DLC add-ons make the experience closer and deeper.

Moreover, Update 27 will be released with console users on September 1, and it will bring some major quality-of-life improvements, fixes and balance changes to the game.

I believe Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn will bring some surprises to players, so please wait patiently. If you want to know the latest game news, please bookmark our news page and we will keep track of the latest ESO news.

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