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The Elder Scrolls Online Launched Doom Eternal Along With Mudcrab Pet On March 20

Posted: Mar 20, 2020

Posted: Mar 20, 2020

Source:  IGGM

Bethesda has prepared a lot for the release of Doom Eternal, which was set to land on March 20. under the influence of COVID-19, Bethesda employees had to work from home to ensure that various games can run normally. Anyway, the launch of DOOM Eternal would appear no issues with the support of the entire id Software of Bethesda.

In celebration of the launch of DOOM Eternal, the developer ZeniMax Online prepared a demonic mudcrab non-combat pet into the Elder Scrolls Online.

Around the scorching heat and relentless desolation of the Deadlands, the mudcrab comes out from the ground surrounding with demonic runes, encountering grim and eternal fate.

In order to play Mudcrab of Eternal Doom, you need to buy it from the Crown Store for 500 crowns, just costing $5 before March 23.

This is just a tiny event, and the most anticipated chapter of Elder Scrolls Online throughout the year is Greymoor, isn't due out until May, combining with Harrowstorm DLC, they will become the focus of the ongoing year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline.

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