SWTOR Update 6.1 Pinnacles Of Power Launched- Align With Republic Or Sith
SWTOR Update 6.1 Pinnacles Of Power Launched- Align With Republic Or Sith

A few days ago, SWTOR launched the latest update "Pinnacles of Power", also known as Update 6.1, bringing a series of new content. Originally scheduled to release earlier, the update has successfully resolved all issues after a short delay.

Update 6.1 includes a brand new story, after the Sith Empire's assault on the Meridian Complex Shipyard, both factions form elite organizations to carry out key objectives that could tip the balance of the war, during the battle between Sith Empire and Galactic Republic, players are allowed to establish a new personal headquarters in the luxurious Alderaan Noble Estate and customize their own royal retreat.

Players aligned with the Republic are required to help rebuild the Jedi Order, working alongside Jedi Master Gnost-Dural and General Daeruun to guide the formation of Task Force Nova, while the players aligned with the Sith, Darth Rivix would be your partner, they should help reform the Hand, which is strike force comprised of the most elite troops in the empire.

BioWare refers to Update as a "small story beat around the size of Hearts and Minds", which confirms that it is not a major update of SWTOR, but it can bring an enjoyable update to players  early 2020.

Not just update 6.1, following with 6.1.1 and 6.1.2, they will bring more unexpected content to SWTOR, even becoming the ones where Crazy Stuff Happens, along with a series of features and quality of life improvements.

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