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SWTOR Patch 6.0.2 Content: Ranked PVP Season 12, New Missions, Bug-Fixes, And Eight-Year Anniversary

Posted: Dec 13, 2019

Just in the final month of 2019, some major games are scrambling to release the final update, and Star Wars: The Old Republic is included. The developer BioWare has announced a recent update of SWTOR, Patch 6.0.2, which was set to launch on December 12 and introduced Ranked PVP Season 12, New Mek-Sha Missions and a lot of bug fixes. Here is the full content of Patch 6.0.2.

As Season 11 coming to end, the Ranked PVP Season 12 starts. Now all players can find Season 11 rewards in the mailboxes and complete the new missions to help the Mek-Sha Tradehouse look for acquiring goods.

What's more, there are two annual events in SWTOR throughout December.

Life Day! It is time to celebrate Life Day for denizens across the galaxy, which will run from Tuesday, December 17 to Tuesday, January 7, 2020. Everyone will gather, throwing snowballs, hugging Wookiees and earning rewards for the festival.

Eight Year Anniversary. It will run at the same time as Life Day. December 20 marks eight years since SWTOR release, and to honor the momentous occasion, players can find special rewards on the fleet provided by an "Anniversary Personnel" vendor during the period.

Surely, a lot of fixes and changes to the existing things in every update are needed, which is known as patch notes.

Some general changes have been added to Patch 6.0.2, including using items on training dummies to adjust their health now appears in the combat log, correcting the items rating and stats apply issue on Dantooine, Star Fortresses now properly scale the player, Operation group frames will no longer show health values over 100%.

There have been also more issues to fix with classes and combat, classes and their disciplines and tacticals, the full details can be viewed on the official site of SWTOR.

When Ranked PVP Season 12 started, Patch 6.0.2 played a vital role and contained a lot of content. SWTOR is available on PC, if you don't want to miss everything after downloading this patch, go play now.

As a game lover, you are always expected to play for fun, not to make "money". In SWTOR, the best way to make you stronger is to buy SWTOR Credits.

Now SWTOR Credits provided by IGGM can offer you a near-perfect experience, and there are various in-game currency and equipment here to make your shopping easier.


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