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Path of Exile Harvest Guide: How To Run The Sacred Grove To Ensure Harvest?

Posted: Jul 08, 2020

In the latest POE expansion developed by Grinding Gear Games, it introduces a new NPC, Oshabi, who is living in the Sacred Grove, an ancient garden, and farming, while the exiles' task is very simple, planting seeds, growing into monsters, and capture their Lifeforce.

Compared with the previous expansions, in this dark game, the monsters and bosses that players will face are all planted with seeds by themselves. You can receive sweet rewards only by killing them, and during the process, the Sacred Grove is the place you access the most, where you can seek out all kinds of seeds.

In the Sacred Grove, everyone can have a look at the tree roots with blue light, they will guide and find the direction of the seed storage, also known as Seed Cache, once clicked, they could drop different types of seeds, Wild seeds are purple, Vivid seeds are yellow, Primal seeds are blue, and Oshabi will also appear to help alongside a portal to the Sacred Grove.

When the seeds have completed the growth cycle, they will become monsters, and fight them, the next tier of seeds might drop, until one powerful, final boss.

In order to shorten the growth cycle of seeds or increase harvest, some garden tools will be used like condensers, dispersers and Collector to gather up Lifeforce better. Usually, the regular Lifeforce can only be used on crafting or creating new items, and condensed Lifeforce is used for growing higher tier seeds, or stored in storage tanks.

At present, Path of Exile: Harvest is in full swing on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, accompanied with brand new gameplay and rewards.

POE Currency can make your adventure more comfortable, and this is beyond doubt that in addition to completing various basic tasks to farm currency, another more convenient and fast way is to buy.

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