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Path Of Exile: Build Delirium Currency Guide

Posted: Apr 02, 2020

It has been for a while after POE 3.10 Delirium release, as the first expansion of POE in 2020, it introduced a new set league mechanic and modifiers to start the year-round storyline.

Looking at the history of updates through Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games releases a series of patch notes to fix bugs and make improvements after each expansion release.

In the latest update 1.43, it mainly added a console specific fit to fix a bug which would prevent small cluster jewel passives from saving in specific jewel slots, and the visual adjustments to Delirium mist.

More updates are for better POE build to get currency items in the game, after Delirium release, the loot system in POE has been complained a lot by players as they can't get due rewards after completing the quests.

Also, the passive skill tree in the game could be simply described as a series of tasks, after finishing the first one, it is the second, the third and the continuing process. During this period, it is necessary to choose effective maps to capture more monsters.

If running maps is not for starters like you, then you can also earn some currency items by delving. It is easy to make sulfite for Fossils, which can sell to others with profits. But the price of Fossils is always changing, and only some rare ones can make you money.

Beyond that, it is also a very good method to make POE Currency by leveling up gems while farming, the more gems you invest, the more rewards you'll get, especially the 21-20 and 20-23 gems, but this is really time-consuming.

Anyway, the demand for POE Currency by players will not decrease at any time, instead of spending all day to farm, it is better to find some efficient methods as soon as possible.

Here is a professional store to provide MMORPG currency and equipment including POE Currency, Surely, POE is such a popular game to accommodate overcrowded players, and it is a long process to compete with hundreds of thousands of players, it can relieve your stress in the game and never lag behind others with the site.


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