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Path Of Exile Heist Best Builds With New Skills Gems

Posted: Sep 30, 2020

In the new Heist League, some new gems, passive and active, have been added to the game. Some of them, such as Frost Shield and Sigil of Power, have become good support skills that can help you gain extra protection or damage in any situation. Passive support gems added diversity when choosing mods for existing builds. But separately, it is worth highlighting four new skill gem, with which players have already managed to make full-fledged builds that can go through any content in the game and farm contracts and red cards.

Splitting Steel Builds

This skill is available to Duelist, Scion and Ranger from the first level (if you missed it in rewards, you can buy it from Nessa, Act 1). Splitting Steel is based on a new mechanic, Steel Shards. Each shot uses a charge of Steel Shard and fires an explosive projectile, which, when it hits the enemy, deals AoE damage and shatters into several more small shards.

Blazing Salvo Builds

Launch a volley of explosive fiery projectiles at your enemies! The further projectiles fly, the more they spread out, by exploding when colliding with mobs or on the ground near your target. Thanks to AoE explosions, cleaning up large packs of mobs is not difficult.

Crackling Lance Builds

If the old Arc didn't impress you, the new Crackling Lance is the one for you. A deadly lightning beam that deals decent damage while still dealing AoE damage due to smaller beams branch off from it. Add crits here and you have a great skill for farming maps!

Hexblast Builds

New chaos skill that deals with single target damage, and if the target was a mob with Hex, then it removes the Hex and deals explosive AoE damage. Quite an interesting mechanic, although it requires a preliminary Hex on the target for AoE clearing the zone. A slower but much safer way to kill mobs, with good damage even against bosses.

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