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Path Of Exile 3.13 Is Coming, The Discount Event On IGGM Is Waiting For You!

Posted: Jan 15, 2021

POE 3.13 is coming soon, and it was announced as early as January 7, so now many players are designing the best builds for the upcoming expansion. So you need to know the 19 career changes in Echoes of the Atlas first, then you can make better decisions.

Players will be able to play this game on January 15, as early as a few days ago, some necessary information has been officially announced, and there are some FAQs, the official also gave corresponding answers, which made fans probably have a general understanding about the new content.

Upcoming POE Updates

January 15 - the official POE 3.13.0 launch

January 16 - a new Mystery Box will be revealed

Classes changes

For providing players a better gaming experience, there will be many changes in the classes in POE to make them more balanced. 19 different classes will receive major changes.

Here are what we currently know:

Assassin: additional 30% damage over time multiplier for the Poison

Berserker: additional 30% attack speed increase if the player was recently hit

Champion: using Fortify now provides+500 Armor and Evasive Rating

Chieftain: 2% of the damage that is dealt by Totem leaches to the player as life

Gladiator: new improvements include a 40% damage increase if not taken any damages hits recently

Guardian: nearby allies get a 20% Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed increase

Juggernaut: gain Accuracy Ratings that are equal to twice the player’s Strength

Necromancer: Skill Effect Duration increased by 40%

Pathfinder: killing enemies with Poison while Flask Effect activated will poison surrounding enemies

Raider: Onslaught Effect increased by 50%

Saboteur: additional 40% 40 Critical Strike Multiplier right against Burning Enemies

Trickster: Maximum mana increased by 30%

It’s only a few hours since the official launch of POE 3.13. PoE fans have been waiting for the arrival of 3.13 for too long. Because GGG wanted to avoid Cyberpunk 2077, they have postponed the release date until January 15.

To celebrate the launch of 3.13, IGGM also launched a discount event. You can get a 5% off discount coupon at IGGM's coupon center.

In order to meet players’ demand for POE Currency, IGGM has already prepared a large amount of inventory, no matter when you come to IGGM to buy, we can guarantee fast delivery, because our staff is online 24/7, you can contact them at any time, and if you have any questions, you can also ask them.


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