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Path Of Exile Harvest Is On PC Featured Crafting System And City-Building Management Mechanics

Posted: Jun 22, 2020

On June 19, Path of Exile Harvest launched on PC and fully displayed the entire content of the expansion.

As mentioned in Harvest announcement before, it introduces a new NPC, Oshabi, who stayed in the Sacred Grove, where players are required to plant seeds by it and grow into dangerous monsters. With the new crafting system, everyone can collect Lifeforce and crafting resources through killing these grown monsters. Compared with every past expansion, this league mechanism is more powerful, accessible and unique.

This is a new mechanism controlled by the players, the enemies they face, crafting and the return are all customized according to the characters' skills. Fans seem to be used to this form of combat and management mechanics, but this is another unique experience, and it is also the first time that Path of Exile allows players to customize monsters.

Beyond that, players can also encounter a new game with a full passive tree revamp, overhauls to the game's Warcry, Brand, Slam skills, balance tweaks and integration of Delirium league of POE 3.10.

Last but not least, if you have played POE Harvest on PC, you might have encountered these new things, such as Doryani's Prototypes, and Arcanist Brand to link multiple spells, all of which can make sense to each of POE build for characters.

Whether you are new or a loyal fan of POE, there are definitely many new skills to learn in a new league system. If you are a player on consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you can't play all content of POE Harvest until June 24.

When it comes to POE Currency, this is crucial in every expansion. There is a series of newly added currency items in Harvest, also known as POE Currency to trade, giving your characters a boost.

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