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Next ESO Chapter Expansion Will Be Announced In January 2020

Posted: Dec 09, 2019

The developer of the Elder Scrolls Online, ZeniMax rarely held such a grand event, a few days ago, it was announced on ESO's official site that an upcoming event will be held on January 16, 2020 in the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, revealing the next big year-long adventure and Chapter of the Elder Scrolls Online.

Now, ZeniMax is calling everyone to participate in the event, it is scheduled to run from 12 PM PT until 4 PM PT with the form to RSVP right now, and some minor details about the event might be adjusted as the release date approaches.

During the event, ZeniMax will announce the expansion of ESO, and the attendees would be allowed to talk with the developers and claim exclusive ESO swag, if you can't attend in person, all will be livestreamed at that time except the reveal event itself.

Now, you can register for the event to qualify, and you'll be the first one to know what will happen in the Elder Scrolls Online in the future.

In 2019, ESO successfully completed all the content in the Season of the Dragon, including the upcoming trailer of its final installment. Although there were still some technical problems in it, ZeniMax has actively dealt with them, and more content will be added to ESO in 2020 to improve it, which is the main reason why it will hold more events in 2020.

The players of ESO have always paid more attention to PVE content, but in this next event, ZeniMax will add some PVP content to create a new chapter of ESO, even a year-long event.ESO is not an MMO that can always stay alive. Strictly speaking, it pays more attention to the content of ESO itself for more fans. This is a game worth playing, and the one that really struck us was SlayDragonsSaveCats, it not only allowed players to play the game, but also called for more players to join the charity, which might be more meaningful that ESO itself. So in 2020, there will definitely be more similar events.

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