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New Things For Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Summer Update 2

Posted: Jul 29, 2020

Posted: Jul 29, 2020

Source:  IGGM

Nintendo announced that the Animal Crossing: New Horizon will be launched on July 30. The new version adds many new concepts, and the player's gaming experience will be upgraded. There is always new content you like.

1. Fireworks Shows

Starting in August, there will be a Fireworks Show at 7 pm every Sunday. You can participate in the lucky draw at Redd's booth to win holiday prizes. If you want to get more lottery chances, you can buy Animal Crossing bells. You can also give your self-designed fireworks to Isabelle in the square, then you can set off your fireworks in the air.

2. Dreaming: meet Luna

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Summer Update 2, When you lie in bed sleeping, you will come to an incredible dreamland. Here you can meet the NPC Luna. Luna is a character who collects people's dreams. Here you can visit other people's islands by dreaming. At the same time, you can also deposit your dreams here and get your own "Dream House Number" so that other players in the world can visit your island in their dreams. You can interact with the islanders as you visit the dream island, or you can use the display cases to get the designs submitted by island owners. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Summer Update 2, You can explore the island freely, and nothing you do will affect the reality of the island, so here you can safely deposit your dreams or go to the dreams of others.

3. Island Backup&Restoration Service

After the game is updated you can upload the archive to the server via the Internet. When the Switch fails, you can restore the archive from the backup. The archive cannot be arbitrarily restored by the player, you need to contact the Nintendo Service Center. The updated game archives cannot be transferred to other consoles, only as an archive backup.

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