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How To Play SWTOR On Steam?

Posted: Jul 24, 2020

Posted: Jul 24, 2020

Source:  IGGM

Nine years after SWTOR was released, the developer BioWare arranged it on a new platform, Steam on July 21, 2020. everything is new, so you urgently need the guide on how to play SWTOR on Steam.

When a large number of players flood into the Steam, you have to pay double effort to enhance the character's competitiveness, which is why BioWare brought SWTOR to Steam, which is a professional gaming platform, where more viewers will see SWTOR and fall in love with it, and they can also communicate with each other through various interesting ways and extra perks.

SWTOR is not a fully paid game, even though it appeared on Steam, you don't need to pay every month to play basic game content, but you can still subscribe it to unlock advanced features for $15 per month.

In order to preserve your current game progress, SWTOR allows cross-playing on PC and Steam, which means you can continue to play with the original client, or install the game again from Steam, which may take you several hours. Either way you choose will not cause any impact or trouble on your game.

In order to play SWTOR on Steam, you must need a Steam account and SWTOR account first, which requires your email to register. When you install SWTOR on Steam, these two accounts will be connected to each other, and all your game progress will be kept on this new platform.

It makes you feel more convenient to play games on Steam, where you can not only play SWTOR, but also other games. Furthermore, you can talk to friends on Steam at any time and share interesting things in the games.

Whether you are playing SWTOR Steam or original, SWTOR Credits are needed to purchase advanced weapons, otherwise, you must invest more time and energy to make progress or even get nothing.

IGGM is a professional MMORPG service provider, it will sell cheap SWTOR Credits to deal with all your troubles. Here, the customer is god, and the staff will offer free peripheral service, in order to create a perfect shopping experience for you, it will serve you well in all aspects, why not try it?


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