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Harrowstorm DLC Launched ESO With Icereach And The Unhallowed Grave Dungeons

Posted: Feb 25, 2020

A great new dungeon DLC game pack Harrowstorm launched on the Elder Scrolls Online PC/Mac on February 24, bringing the Dark Heart of Skyrim epic adventure and a supernatural storm in Icereach, later it would come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 10, 2020.

Harrowstorm DLC is the first chapter of ESO Plus in 2020, so it hints at the events that will be live in the game throughout the upcoming year.

The most prominent content in Harrowstorm DLC is the addition of two new dungeons, named respectively Icereach and Unhallowed Grave, which will bring many challenging quests for players.

Icereach is found on an island that is home to the Icereach Coven, the players come here in order to investigate the mysterious storms plaguing the Sea of Ghosts or find a lost expedition, where they will encounter the survivors of an advanced expedition group and start to explore the island.

Watch out for the witches, frost beasts and bosses roaming around, they will cause a lot of trouble when exploring.

The Unhallowed Grave is a perfect target, as an ancient burial ground is ideal for dead-raising, bone-gnawing, Nord lunatics. Go deep into the tomb site, the local garrison has been protected for a long time, but the legion called the Pyre Watch consists of a single member who is calling on other players to deal with the raiders that have invaded the tomb.

With these two dungeons, players still have the chance to collect new equipment and collectibles when fighting against evil, such as new themed gear sets, style pages, dyes, furnishings and more. If you can't encounter these challenges, you can only exchange them for gold.

With update 25, there are many opportunities for you to use ESO Gold, while saving money by completing quests alone can't meet daily needs. Sufficient ESO Gold allows you to occupy a major position in the game.

As one of the trusted and competitive MMORPG service providers, IGGM will definitely provide comprehensive services to all customers, and more importantly, all ESO Gold is cheaper than other stores, which will save a lot of real money.


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