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Final Fantasy XIV Heavensturn 2020 Is Live Until January 14

Posted: Dec 30, 2019

At the end of December each year, Final Fantasy XIV will release annual event themed New Year's Day, corresponding to different event elements and providing players with opportunities to get rewards. A few days ago, the details of Heavensturn 2020 have been made public, and the following is its specific time, the protagonist of the creature, as well as the rewards.

Starting from December 31, Final Fantasy XIV will use traditional oriental festivals with the Rat as protagonist, featured a short quest series with various seasonal swag available for a limited time, and the event won't stop until January 14, 2020.

By tomorrow, only players above level 15 will be invited to complete the quests in Limsa Lominsa's Upper Decks in the plaza past the Maelstrom company headquarters and get rewarded including:

Crimson Nezumi KabutoCobalt Nezumi KabutoHeavensturn BountyMagicked Prism(Advent Cakes)

Let's review the entire storyline of Heavensturn Event 2020 again.The Twelve convene together again to decide who amongst them shall ascend to oversee the coming year, the good people are less than keen to welcome the coming of their chosen figurehead- the rat. As these benevolent dieties deliberate on the divine, Far Eastern delegates have arrived in Eorzea to share their festival customs.

When playing Final Fantasy XIV, you have a lot of content to complete, and a large amount of Final Fantasy XIV Gil provided by IGGM definitely plays a very important role in the game to buy equipment, food and potions, instead of your all-day farming.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on major platforms, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Steam and Mac.


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