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Features Final Fantasy XIV Maintained To Attract Fans

Posted: Nov 06, 2019

Posted: Nov 06, 2019

Source:  IGGM

If you don't know about Final Fantasy XIV, you must be not a game fanatic who is far from MMORPGs. To be honest, Final Fantasy XIV is a very successful game, at least it ever accompanied you for several years without thinking about its history. With it, you met a lot of in-game friends and built more connections with your real friends, because you all like to play the game.

All of this supports a point of view, the success of Final Fantasy XIV is not accidental, it continues to attract players with uniqueness. Before it, not many players learned about Final Fantasy series, even if it has already released 13 mainstream games.

Square Enix is constantly trying, and finally the release of Final Fantasy XIV brought it to the public, that's because Final Fantasy XIV has some features to attract fans, and which can't be seen in the previous games.

Objectively speaking, the latest release of Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers has brought it to the peak, which is why Square Enix wants to retain the success, so it has not any plan to release updates in short term.

Regular update content

For years now, it's felt like we have figured out its content cycle to update according to the update trend of Final Fantasy XIV, which is clear for players to know when the current expansion will end and what will happen in the upcoming one.

Moreover, Final Fantasy XIV added similar content to each update, such as one or two dungeons, raids, new gear and some adjustments. For quite a few players, although the form the game they play is similar, each time its content is completely different.

Every coin has two sides, on the one hand, someone thinks the fixed content cycle is not challenging because they are always looking forward to something new. On the other hand, players think that there is still much content to experience in Final Fantasy XIV, especially for novice players, they don't have to learn a variety of new skills to adapt to the different updates.

Player-controlled adventure

You know, Final Fantasy XIV revolves around conflicts between different races and tribes. Compared to other MMOs, its players have more opportunity to decide what to play, including the starting position, the appearance of characters, even the types of mission, that being said, the players have more freedom to start the adventure through Eorzea.

Game economy based on Gil

All done tasks are to defeat the enemies and level up, and there are a lot of mainline and side quests related to your XP in Final Fantasy XIV, which could help you make money, that is FFXIV Gil, the in-game currency. Since surviving in Eorzea is not easy, you need to buy food, potions and equipment with Gil, just like in real life.

Come to IGGM for buying FFXIV, you don't have to worry about obtaining unsafe FFXIV Gil, because we would take care of all the customers' information and use the fastest transaction method to deliver the goods to you. You would have a joyful shopping experience there, and you will never regret your choice.


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