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Final Fantasy VII Revealed Details Via Trailer: Release Date, Combat System And Cloud Avatar

Posted: Dec 03, 2019

Posted: Dec 03, 2019

Source:  IGGM

The success of Final Fantasy XIV is not accidental, it was added a lot of creativity inside it. In fact, the developer Square Enix has tried many different versions before it throughout Final Fantasy series, but none can surpass Final Fantasy XIV. Even some time ago, Square Enix announced to bring the game to more platforms, Xbox One and PS5, which means that more players will be attracted to the game.

Returning to the topic of Final Fantasy VII remake, it was announced by the producer of Final Fantasy series, Yoshinori Kitase last week. Final Fantasy VII was first released in 1997, when it was not well accepted by the public. About twenty years later, it was mentioned again and was set to release the remake on PS4 in March 2020.

Now the trailers of some screenshots of Final Fantasy VII remake have been revealed, roughly highlighting its protagonist Cloud Strife, as well as the combat systems, weapons, gameplay, summon details.

Cloud Strife is the most popular character throughout Final Fantasy series so far, and all content leaked by Square Enix has already confirmed that the game-story revolves around the avatars of Cloud.

Final Fantasy XIV is a blend of Action style elements on the basis of RPG style, this shows when a player presses the square button can enlarge the range of attacks, and pressing triangle to use the unique ability.

What's more, the weapons in Final Fantasy VII remake can be improved through spending SP to unlock the potential of the Core Materia hidden with it. Each weapon has its unique abilities, and it will increase with the number of use, so you need to maximize your proficiency as quickly as possible to fully master these abilities.

Last not the least, many other unexpected details and elements have been added to the remake, such as chocolate weapons, mog bombs. Surely, what you can see in the trailer is limited, and further messages will be released in the next few months, and soon we will see the entire content.

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