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Fallout 76 Is Fixing The Disappearing Corpses And Gilding Enemies Before Christmas Event

Posted: Nov 25, 2019

Fallout 76 is trying to save the poor reputation, so it won’t miss any festival cheer to win back the support of its players.

More than a month ago, Bethesda added a new subscription service to Fallout 76, giving the players in Private Worlds more privacy, and after that, it released the Halloween creepy event and the upcoming Thanksgiving treat.

Beyond that, Christmas is coming in 2019, right? Bethesda can show up in Fallout 76 with more exciting events, Santa Claus riding a red-nosed elk, a Christmas tree with decorations and costumes, garlands as well as hats, which are expected to see in Fallout 76.

Bethesda is good at incorporating various festive atmospheres into the game, at least not too bad. Recently, Bethesda shared some of the following seasonal events on the official website, which does not involve any Christmas elements, but further messages will be announced in the coming weeks.

In order to celebrate several major festivals during these two months, Bethesda is working hard to fix some in-game problems. Last week, Update 15 of Fallout 76 launched, but it received the bugs report soon, and Bethesda continued to release a huge patch note to fix the issues completely, such as the disappearing corpses and gilding enemies.

When an enemy is killed, its body should be left in place instead of suddenly disappearing, this will be the first major problem solved by Bethesda in the next update, otherwise the players will be difficult to get the loot dropping from the bodies.

The enemies like Ghouls is gliding stiffly over the terrain, this is an image issue, but they may still stand up and attack passer-by. Soon, their animations will be brought back, but the ghouls with two legs will chase you faster, don't be too scared.

Although Bethesda is always releasing fix notes in Fallout 76, there are countless bugs in it. How to effectively stop more issues in Fallout 76, which may be the major problems that Bethesda needs to deal with now.

Anyway, Bethesda did not give up the development of Fallout 76, which is one of the reasons why many players are still playing it. Enhance the character features and equipment with enough Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, this is really an effective way to reduce the influence of endless bugs.


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