ESO Continues To Release The Activity Finder And Undaunted Event After Shutting Down
ESO Continues To Release The Activity Finder And Undaunted Event After Shutting Down

The official account recently posted an announcement on the social platform about the upcoming Activity Finder and Undaunted event, revealing something fresh is coming to the game and lasts for more than a dozen days.

According to the develop ZeniMax, it is running the testing fixes and will be published to all platforms of the Elder Scrolls Online when everything is ready. And now, the event is set to launch on November 26, it won't stop until December 9.

In fact, the Undaunted event was released a few days ago, but after launch, it was urgently shut down. Since this is a game relying on team activities, the players can team up each other to complete these challenges, but many players complain that it is difficult to find reliable players, and someone even thinks it must wait for a long time to build up a team.

If the players can play a game by relying on others, it is unrealistic, because not everyone can find friends in a short time.

However, this is not the main reason why the Elder Scrolls Online closed the Undaunted event. After its release, the team of ESO quickly discovered the issue related to the Activity Finder, which seriously affected the game effect, so it decided to close temporarily the event, and later announced its new release date.

The group finder function of ESO is always a problem, and before that, ESO's team has added a series of improvement plans through different updates, and believe that it will be improved a lot after this update.

ESO also released full messages about the event:

  • Once the previously mentioned fixes for the Activity Finder have been verified by QA, we'll publish them to all platforms and megaservers. The ides is to initially have these on the Live megaservers during a time when there's no active in-game event.

  • After these changes are confirmed to be stable, we'll look at a time that we can bring the Undaunted event back for everyone to obtain the items. The current thinking is this will happen sometime in December, after the Dawn of the Dragonguard event.

  • It's also worth noting that while Dawn of the Dragonguard has a dungeon component, its reliance on the Activity Finder is minimal.

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