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2019 Albion Online Events Review And 2020 Queen Update

Posted: Dec 31, 2019

Today it is the last day of 2019, and we have already summarized some popular MMOs before, and it's the Albion Online's turn. In the past 12 months, a lot of important things and updates have happened in the world of Albion, here are some of them.

Starting from March 2019, it added the new feature Randomized Dungeons in Albion Online, introducing a massive boost to small-group PVE all across Albion, with entrances appearing throughout the open world, dungeons with different layouts, bosses and loot with every run.

The next one is the Percival update, bringing Solo Randomized Dungeons to fill a long-requested need for engaging solo PVE. What's more, Albion Online made a series of adjustments and improvements through those updates including:

Rebalanced gear unlocks, improved tutorial, improved crafting and creature resource gathering times, numerous UI improvements, massive quality-of-life improvements including expandable bank tabs, new spells and abilities, improved chat channels, character customizations, as well as mount skins.

Until April, Albion Online continued to start the free-to-play Floodgates Open with an ongoing series of optimizations to server performance. In July, Albion Online held the two-year anniversary and introduced the Guild Season Rewards and the Adventurer’s Challenge to the New Crystal Realm to customization options and took a look forward to the next year.

In November, the Avalonians: A Threat from the Past, lasting over 2 months but containing 10 territory resets, which is set to continue right up until the launch of Queen in January, that being said, there is still some content to play for several time in Albion Online.

Queen is an update promoted by Albion Online for a long time, until then, it would be centered around a complete rework of the Outlands, along with massive new systems including Guild Hideouts, Elite Avalonian Dungeons, open-world battles for territory control, the Crystal league, and more more.

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