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WoW Dragonflight 10.2: Guardian PVP Rated Battlegrounds Guide

Posted: Nov 09, 2023

Here is a guide to help you prepare for Guardian PVP in patch 10.2 going live November 7th on NA with Season 3 starting November 14th on NA.

We are going to be looking at important PVP changes, Guardian changes, tier set woes, and rounded out talking about build updates and stat priority. 

WoW Dragonflight 10.2: Guardian PVP Rated Battlegrounds Guide

PVP Changes 

With the start of the new season, we have your standard seasonal unlocks like titles and mounts. 

But more importantly, like last season, we will see the new honor gear be better than the season 2 conquest at an item level of 473. If you want these powerful gear, be prepared with plenty of WoW Dragonflight Gold.

Continuing with gear, you will still be able to craft PVP gear according to desired stats similar to Season 2 with the new Spark of Dreams, which takes two Splintered Spark of Dreams to make.

Still looking at gear this season, they did add Glorious Medal of Honor, which is a bind on account item that can be purchased for 2500 Honor to grant you 1,500 Honor on an alt to get your alt caught up.

Lastly wrapping out the PVP gearing, when it comes to upgrading the PVE side of the gear, it can now be upgraded with flightstones in addition to Honor

Gear aside, there are other PVP changes of note, including:

  • Changes to the Arena pool maps
  • Bloodlust type effects now being usable in rated Battleground play
  • The introduction of the Battleground Blitz as a brawl for continuous testing
  • The most critical change of yet being the CD reduction of the Healer’s (Gladiator) Medallion

Guardian Changes

Across the board, Guardian has largely been overperforming. And as tuning has transpired, we have been seeing it rained in, sometimes in not the healthiest ways, which sums up the spec going into this patch. This is where we see another nerf to Rage generation with Blood Frenzy being target capped, but generating an extra Rage point overall.

PVP wise though, this could be a benefit and certain comps. Yet, it is the PVE performance that has been dictating these Guardian changes. 

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Tier Set Woes

With the start of Season 3, we see the deactivation of the previous tier set as we struggle with the emotional trauma of Season 3’s tier.

The TLDR here is your tier revolves around Rage of the Sleeper now with your two set, providing you additional Absorb Shield based on the damage and healing done as well as armor gained with your for set adding up to 5 seconds of up time on Rage of the Sleeper with the additional benefit of a Thorns effect. 

There is more, and this is reduced by 50% PVP. But seriously, I generally hope we see buffs here, but even then prepare yourself for the extreme and exciting gameplay of smashing frenzy regeneration and Ironfur to milk this set for all its worth.

Builds & Stat Priority

Turning to builds, the previously recommended base sitting and flag carrying recommendations remain the standard and you will find the import codes for each in the description.

As of stat priority, it remains Agility, Versatility, and then Mastery. It is also of note that statistically going into the later Seasons, we see a bit of stat blode, which makes it a great opportunity to focus on these secondary stats due to Diminishing Returns.

For example, 30 to 39% of Versaility, you’ll experience a 10% penalty and from 39 to 47%, you’re looking at about a 20% penalty and it continues to trend higher penalties at different percentages.

So, when you are hitting these benchmarks, you’re looking at a bigger advantage from adjusting your gear or enchants for more Mastery, which directly correlates to the Guardians Mastery ability and their health pool.


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