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WOW Classic SOD: Where To Find Mage Specific Items Added In Phase 2?

Posted: Feb 03, 2024

In this detailed exploration, we delve into the realm of Mage-specific items recently introduced in Phase 2 of WoW Classic Season of Discovery. Join us as we unveil intriguing additions that promise to enhance the Mage experience. It is essential to prepare for plenty of WoW SOD Gold.

WOW Classic SOD: Where To Find Mage Specific Items Added In Phase 2?

Unveil Home Of Expanded Intellect

Our journey begins with a spotlight on the Home of Expanded Intellect. Anticipated to be found within dungeons, this item offers a substantial reduction in the mana cost of Arcane Intellect by 50%, accompanied by a commendable 50% increase in its duration. A rune that aims to eliminate the need for frequent rebuffing during raids. With a generous 60-minute duration, it promises an ample timeframe for strategic planning.

Decipher Scroll

Moving on, our attention shifts to mysterious spell notes awaiting Decipher Scroll. One appears to relate to Frostfire Bolt, while the other, an enigmatic Arcane and Frost damage spell. Intriguingly, a singed note adds an air of mystery to the mix, leaving us to ponder its significance.

Sergeant Major's Silk Cuffs & New Scrolls

Sergeant Major's Silk Cuffs emerge as a noteworthy addition, boasting 6 stamina, three intellect, and eight spell damage – a potential game-changer in PvP scenarios. Additionally, new Scrolls, reminiscent of those from the previous phase, hold promises for pet attacks, enticing drops from mobs in this phase.

Scroll Of Polymorph: Odd Melon

A cluster of Scrolls presents itself, each holding a unique potential for transformation. The Scroll of Polymorph: Odd Melon teases the possibility of altering Polymorph spells, while the Scroll of Minor Evocation introduces an unused scroll granting mana, akin to an additional mana potion but with an 8-minute cooldown. Meanwhile, the Scroll of Controlled Displacement remains shrouded in mystery, leaving us eager for more information.

Scroll Of Comprehension

A fascinating addition to the Mage repertoire is the Scroll of Comprehension, weaving an intricate Mage ecosystem. Acting as a key to Decipher scrolls, it allows Mages in the city to create four comprehension charms from a single scroll, creating a symbiotic relationship with their magical endeavors.

Cage Keys & Troll Scrolls

The discovery of Cage KeysRusted Cage Key and Cougar Cage Key – sparks speculation about potential runes hidden within cages. Coupled with the enigmatic Troll Scroll, this trio might hold the key to unlocking powerful spells, creating a sense of anticipation and mystery.

Unknown Terrain

As we ponder the whereabouts of the rusted cage and speculate on the potential connection between the Cougar Cage Key and Cougars in Thousand Needles, the journey takes an unexpected turn into uncharted territory, heightening the excitement of exploration.

Hopes & Speculations

Concluding our exploration, we contemplate the absence of familiar Scrolls and express hopes for the inclusion of hit rating Scrolls, envisioning a brighter future for the Mage build. As we wrap up, we leave players with a sense of anticipation, eagerly awaiting the unfolding of the Mage's destiny in the ever-evolving world of Phase 2.

Final Thought

This detailed overview has provided a quick glimpse into the myriad mysteries and potential transformations awaiting Mages in Phase 2. With keys, scrolls, and runes at their disposal, Mages are poised for a thrilling journey filled with magical discoveries and unforeseen challenges.


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