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WOW Classic SOD: What Consumables Do You Need For Your Phase 2 Gnomeregan Raid?

Posted: Feb 04, 2024

Season of Discovery Phase 2 is launching in a few days, and it’s time for us to discuss what consumables you should be stocking up on now to be ready for Phase 2 and dominate Gnomeregan from day one.

So we’re going to review all the consumables. We’ll start with the best buffs consumes and then move into the best AOE consumes. Of course, Engineering will play a very important role in this part.

We’ll also cover all the new Enchants and Buffs announced by the developers that you can’t miss. Also, we’ll cover the best Trinkets and Gear, which can provide powerful buffs on their own.

WOW Classic SOD: What Consumables Do You Need For Your Phase 2 Gnomeregan Raid?

Popular Consumes

Let’s get into popular consumes first. We’ll start with Mana Potion and Healing Potion.

The best mana potion you can use will be Greater Mana Potion. These will be much cheaper than Phase 1 Mana Potions. You can craft them with Khadgar’s Whisker instead of buying them from camping vendors. Khadgar’s Whisker can be found in all upgraded areas.

We also can’t forget about Superior Healing Potions. These will be much more expensive since the crafting material Sungrass is mainly found in high-level areas. Of course, there are some good vendor camp spots here too.

Phase 2 will also add a potion that may be exclusive to Alchemy. This will be Mildly Irradiated Rejuvenation Potion, which will give you an average of 400 health and 350 mana. But it also gives you 40 AP and 35 Spell Damage every 2 minutes for 15 seconds.

The developers stated that this will be an Alchemy-specific potion so that Alchemy can be more competitive in DPS metrics instead of being forced to become Engineering. But since it’s still up in the air, we also have to discuss Phase 2’s BiS Buff Consumes.

BiS Buff Consumes

Now, for most spellcasters, Sagefish Delight will be the best buff food. The best thing about it is that you get 6 MP5 from the fish. While these are very easy to fish, especially in places like Alterac Mountains, the best stats would be 12 Stamina and 12 Spirit.

There are five different food options to choose from, including Heavy Kodo Stew, Spider Sausage, Monster Omelet, Tender Wolf Steak and Spiced Chili Crab.

The easiest of these to farm and probably the cheapest is Spider Sausage. These materials are all farmable at around level 36. About 30% of the time, they drop White Spider Meat.

Another relatively simple option is Heavy Kodo Stew. But I’ve found that it’s much less popular than other recipes because the creatures it requires to be farmed are usually level 40 or higher.

Damage Amplifiers Consumes

We also have Damage Amplifiers Consumes. For physical DPS, Scroll of Strength III will give you the most power. It gives you 13 points of strength and covers the cheaper Elixir of Ogre’s Strength. Unlike the previous Scroll, Elixir of Ogre’s Strength only provides 8 points of strength.

It’s really difficult to get these things from vendors or mobs. Because they primarily drop from high-level enemies, the best way to get Scroll of Strength III is probably from a repeatable Water Pouch Bounty Quest. This quest has a high chance of rewarding many scrolls.

You’ll definitely want to use Elixir of Agility as well, which does give you 15 points of Agility, so you won’t need any Scroll of Agility at this stage.

WOW Classic SOD: These consumables may be in high demand during Phase 2

Warrior Only Consume

We also can’t forget the only consumable a Warrior needs, Great Rage Potion, which generates approximately 45 Rage points peruse on a 2-minute cooldown. This is probably one of the most expensive consumables in the game.

Meanwhile, all melees will be excited about Dragonbreath Chili. This is a 10-minute buff that has a 4% chance of dealing AOE damage to enemies with Cone of Cold. It only triggers melee attacks, and the faster your weapon is, the higher DPS.

This consumable and a few other Small Flame Sacs would make a great WOW Classic SOD Gold farm for caster classes.

Brand New Potions

There’s also a new potion here called Lesser Arcane Elixir. It is said to increase your spell damage by 14 points for 30 minutes. But we’re not 100% sure if it will be in the game.

Also, the already popular Elixir of Firepower will be making a comeback. As a healer, I will also be bringing the new Scroll of Spirit III. Although it will be very expensive, it will increase your Spirit by 11 points.

New Enchanting Buff

Before we go any further, we need to talk about the new Enchanting Buff effects coming to Phase 2.

Enchanter will have a new buff for both spellcasters and physical DPS, and this new buff is called Enchanted Sigil. It increases damage and healing by 20, as well as increasing attack power by 20. This is a 30 minute buff and 30 minute cooldown. So it’s basically a World Buff that you lose if you die.

AOE Consumables

Now let’s get into AOE consumables. Oil of Immolation will be a new consumable you can run throughout Gnomeregan. It does 50 AOE damage every 3 seconds, but is very costly.

We still need to talk about Engineering, but there will be a lot of Specialization changes. Specialization will eventually enter Phase 3, which means no Goblin Mortar and probably no Goblin Sapper Charge, but Engineering will still be powerful.

There are two main options for using explosives on Trash Pack. The first is Solid Dynamite, which deals with 250 AOE damage after a 1 minute cooldown. Another new High-Yield Radiation Bomb that deals 200 damage plus 125 Nature damage over time.

For Non-Engineers, you have two options. You either go for Ez-Thro Dynamite II, which does about 250 damage, but has a chance of exploding in your face. Or the new Ez-Thro Radiation Bomb, which deals 150 flat damage plus 50 nature damage over 10 seconds.

There is also a long range explosive. The one I’m most looking forward to is Goblin Land Mine, which does 450 damage. It’s also great for boss fights. While this isn’t technically an AOE damage multiplier, high-level targets will be ridiculously overpowered. It is very useful for large Trash Pack as it has over 3,000 health.

Defensive Consumables

Let’s move on to defensive consumables. First are Fire Protection Potions, which are just like Shadow Protection Potions in BFD. You’ll most likely be using Fire Protection Potion throughout Gnomeregan raid.

We also have Nature Protection Potion. We can’t guarantee nature damage in raids, but many new items have nature resistance. You can stock up on some Liferoot for these Nature Protection Potions ahead of time.

As always, we have more buffs to roll, like Elixir of Fortitude, which grants 120 health. There’s also Rumsey Rum Black Label, which gives you another 100 health points, and its price is going up.

WOW Classic SOD: Full Explanation Of World Buffs And Consumables

World Buffs

While we have to talk about all World Buffs, two key World Buffs, Boon of Blackfathom and Warsong Battle Drum, will not work after level 39. However, Darkmoon Faire buff will continue to work and can provide a 10% damage buff.

There’s also a new buff called Spark of Inspiration. It increases critical strike chance and increases attack speed for 2 hours. We don’t have full details yet, but it’s likely to work similarly to BFD buff. In particular, it doesn’t increase movement speed, so you’d better get your mount.

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Enchants And Buffs

Finally, let’s look at Enchants and Buffs.

There are at least two new Enchants coming in Phase 2. Retricutioner is a new tank enchantment that reflects 9 points of damage back. Dismantle gives you extra damage from mechanical creatures against physical attacks and spells.

Of course, we also have a bunch of new Buffs to choose from in Phase 2, the most noteworthy of which is Minor Speed buff, and of course the 8% extra movement speed.

More controversial is Sniper Scope, which will only be made by Gnomes. Or, if you can’t find Gnome friends, there’s Deadly Scope.

Of course, we also have new Stones such as Solid Sharpening Stone and Solid Weightstone. But as a spellcaster, I’m even more excited that the new Lesser Wizard Oil increases my spell damage by 16 points. Of course, Phase 2 will also introduce Shadow Oil and Frost Oil.

WOW Season of Discovery: Buffs, Consumables & Enchants Guide

Regardless, being prepared for Gnomeregan will greatly enhance your raiding enjoyment. If you have the right buffs and consumables, you’ll be able to challenge anything throughout Gnomeregan raid!


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